No Budget, Lots of Banks

The punch line of the joke goes something like, “so the duck says,



here’s a synthetic field and a budget crisis”.   

I didn’t go to the “school budget crisis” meeting last week. I know the people who run our schools are not that big on dissenting opinions. In their vernacular they don’t have the best “listening skills.” Are they thinking, “We got the field that’s going to bring a State championship in every sport, maybe if we win a lot people won’t miss the science”?


Was anyone thinking, “maybe we can slide some of that money over, the tire companies won’t miss it, and perhaps 20 or 40 kids lives will be changed by some art program, or participation in a show, or experience on a field trip?


What I bet nobody had the huevos to say is that they couldn’t see this financial situation coming. The schools had a bond vote; clearly everyone in the community except Field for Kids saw this coming and tried to send a message to be smart. (If we could afford to have classes in economics maybe someone could have shown them.)


And by the way as our area goes into the financial toilet, the value of our houses goes down, which somehow occurs without our property taxes going down. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the millions of dollars we lost when we tried to stop a school from expanding in Mamaroneck? Why does everyone around here seem to hate education so much?


I can see how the council discussions must have gone on that one.


Council person Moe: Here is a request for expansions, where is the rubber approval stamp


Council Person Larry: Its here, which bank is it?


Council person Moe: Its not a bank, it’s a school


Council person Curly: We need more banks, only banks, more banks, lotsa lotsa banks, wup wup wup. Let’s go to court and stop this!

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