NYT Gives Soft Nod to Oppenheimer /Mam’k Will Wait

As you may know, the New York Times is giving a soft nod to State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D), the 13 term incumbent, over challenger Bob Cohen











With 99% of the votes counted she has a 400 vote lead, with about 500 absentee votes yet to be tallied.

In local elections in the Village of Mamroneck, where problems have stalled official results , Mayor Norman Rosenblum sent this letter from the Board of Elections to all the candidates for Trustee Friday, which said, basically, wait a little longer:


Due to Several Impoundment Orders and Pending Litigation:


1.   Opening of Absentee, Emergency and Affidavit Ballots is Postponed until further notice.


2.   The 3% Audit and Recanvass which are held at 450 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, NY is Postponed until further notice.


Notification will be sent out when it is re-scheduled.  


NYS Election Law § 9-211: NOTICE OF 3 % AUDIT 


The Westchester County Board of Elections shall manually count all votes from no less than three percent (3%) of each voting machine used within the County.  The voting machines to be audited shall be selected by lot through a transparent, random, manual process.

You are hereby advised that you, as a candidate or political party representative entitled to have watchers present at the polls in any election district in the County of Westchester, may be present to view the above mentioned audit which will commence on TBD.




The recanvass of the vote in every election district in the County of Westchester will begin on TBD. 


The times for each municipality are to be determined.



  1. She needs to retire

  2. This picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s pray for an upset to the gerontocracy.

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