On the Avenue: Mam’k Cops Taser Suspect; Woman Threatens Store Owner

A Mamaroneck man who refused to surender to police during a violent melee in a Mamaroneck Avenue apartment was tasered by Village police


early Sunday morning, according to Mamaroneck Village Police Lieutenant James Gaffney.

Gaffney says the fight,which eventually involved four residents and five cops, began when two Hispanc men returned to an apartment where they used to live at 352 Mamaroneck Ave. in a second floor near  Roberts Department Store.   A fight began when the current tenant discovered the men were trying to steal food. One of the suspects,

Pedro Vasquez-Avila, reportedly head-butt the tenant in the face and he collapsed.

The blotter goes on:


Both Mr. Pedro Vasquez-Avila and Mr. Christian Aguilera then began punching Mr. XXXXXXX on the head and face causing physical injury.  Mr. XXXXXXXX stated that he began calling the police and was attempting to break the fight up when Mr. Pedro Vasquez-Avila got up and punched him in the nose causing redness and bruising. 


Mr. Christian Aguilera was directed to back away from the staircase and to back up against the wall with his hands behind his back because he was under arrest, at which time Mr. Aguilera took a step forward. I then placed my hands on Mr. Aguilera’s shoulders pushing him back away from the stairwell at which time Mr. Aguilera grabbed both of my arms and began resisting my orders to place his hands behind his back. Sgt XXXXX assisted in restraining Mr. Aguila. Mr. Pedro Vasquez-Avila then grabbed an officer from behind with both arms violently pulling him in an attempt to pull him away from Mr. Aguilera. 

Mr. Pedro Vasquez-Avila was then restrained by PO XXXXXX, PO XXXXXXX, and PO XXXXXXXXX.  PO XXXXX and Sgt.XXXXXX placed Mr. Aguilera in handcuffs at this time, while PO XXXXX deployed his taser in an attempt to get Mr. Pedro Vasquez-Avila to stop fighting and resisting. 

Mr. Pedro Vasquez-Avila complied after being tased and was placed in handcuffs.

Both suspects are residents of Mamaroneck Village, police say.


The owner of the Suntan Strip Tannng Salon at 441 Mamaroneck Avenue reported on January 2 that a man known to him took $400 cash from the register. He was later arrested for petit larceny.

On January 27, the owner says, a black female, known to him as the suspect’s wife, reportedly came to the store and threatened to hurt him if he did not drop the charges against her husband.

On February 4, the woman, Adele Wauchope of Mount Vernon, was arrested at the corner of Mamaroneck and Palmer Avenues for harassment and intimidating a witness.


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  1. Re: Woman Threatens Store Owner

    Can you please give a good reason for pointing out that the woman, whose name has already been provided, was a “black female”? I question the motive behind making this decision for it adds absolutely nothing of relevance to the story. I am disappointed…
    editrix: i don’t disagree with you. But this is how it reads in the police blotter.

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