Oops! Not Retiring, Just Loyal

Many were surpriised and sad to read in July that some of their favorite Mamaroneck Schools Teachers and Staff had quietly retired…but today (Aug. 2) we learned what really happened.





An email from the District indicated a teeny mistake.They didn’t retire at all. They simply marked their 25th year of service:

District Public Information staffer Debbie Manetta writes:


As a result of an editing error, the following employees with 25 years of service to our district were included mistakenly on the list of retirees under "A Fond Farewell".   These employees remain active members of our District staff, and we congratulate them on their longstanding service to this community.

25 Year Employees:
John Fredricksen
Carol Carbone
Lucille Defrancesco
Maria Ellin
Joan Chess
Michael Sacerdote
Patricia Harris
Lisa Kmetz
Helen Marble
Keith Yizar
National Honor Society Omission

Additionally, MHS student Randi Degina was omitted from the "2010 Honor Society Inductees" list.  Our apologies, and congratulations to Randi. 


Congratulations, all.

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