Oscar Blackout?

Update, 8:50pm: Welcome to the show, Ladies and Gentlemen…


Cablevision sent this friendly little note around Sunday morning:

"We regret to inform you that ABC’s parent company has decided to pull WABC-7 off Cablevision, even though we pay them








more than $200 million dollars a year for their group of networks. They are demanding a $40 million dollar increase for the same channels we carry today. In light of these economic times we do not feel it’s appropriate for ABC to hold our viewers hostage in pursuit of undeserved millions.

So could you lower my cable bill?

And what about our red carpet??

Loop sponsor Emmas Ale House wants you to know the Oscars will be on tonight there, where there’s Direct TV.   

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  1. Screw Cablevision and Disney…watch the oscars live on line for free! xo and you’re welcome!


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