Plaza Too (Minus One?)

A good source, a local store owner, tells theLoop that Plaza Too in Larchmont is closing.


Larchmont was the original location of the now nine store chain. If this is true, it will leave three prime storefront peoperties vacant on Palmer Avenue.

I asked a familiar sales person at the store today if this is true, and she said only, "There are lots of rumors swirling around. Right now we are only thinking about our sidewalk sale."

Maybe now’s the time to go to it?

By the way, Plaza Founder Tom Mendes will be speaking at Fashion Week.


…and…we hear that at the "soft launch" of Sweet-eez, the new candy store next to Groove on Larchmont Avenue on Thursday…it was SRO when Chatsworth school let out…a kiddie mob scene…and only one poor girl at the cash register….




  1. Sad: Chocolations (on Mamaroneck Ave., near the train station) is closing! Saturday, Sept. 12, is their last day. According to the owner, they plan to move into a larger space, hopefully still in Mamaroneck, at some point, and meanwhile they’ll be working out of a commercial kitchen.

    Had the best chocolate croissant I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE there this morning (sniff).

  2. I don’t understand why the landlord prefers empty storefronts to lower rents. But retail has been hit hard across the board.

    As Polly says, we have to buy from our local stores, or this trend will continue.

    I pray that space doesn’t turn into a bank or a real estate office.

  3. reality check time: not ALL the landlords prefer empty storefronts to lower rents, just the GREEDY ones! the GOOD ones have actually stepped up to plate and offered their help. unfortunately, they too continue to incur high operating expenses, such as an incredibly high tax burden which must be met, whether or not their property is rented

    unfortunately, the problems in our community run much deeper than ‘just’ our landlords. there’s a litany of challenges here that need to be addressed. the mayor and trustees must step up to the plate on these ongoing issues, and offer some REAL help if many locals are to survive this mess. lack of parking and code enforcement, building and architectural codes and enforcement, trash collection,
    law enforcement and intrevention, and an effective chamber of commerce, are all tangible issues that need to be addressed, and quickly!

    oh… and last but not least, you all MUST figure out a way to shop LOCALLY whenever and wherever you can! without YOUR continued
    loyal and passionate support, those all too familiar ‘FOR RENT’ signs
    will continue to proliferate. PLEASE continue to do your part. i can promise you that YOUR locals will continue to do ours!

    thank you

  4. Plaza Too employees say rumor is not true – or if it is, they don’t know about it.

  5. tom mendez left this comment himself on lyndalarch on 9/11:

    “Hey Thank you all for nice words of support.
    As intriguing as these posts and comments are it really just makes news and fills space.
    I really dont consider plaza too that important in the realm of what is VIP as in what 8 years ago was today… for many of us…
    Or as in today which is my recently deceased dad’s birthday..
    As always when the time is appropiate you will have all of your answers..and unlike the invisible commentators you can reach me directly at or my direct cell is 2032526500 happy to talk to anyone and share what I can.”

  6. I will share with you our Landlord in Larchmont has been nothing but terrific since this recession has affected all of us late last year.

  7. try this: BELLA FIORA (previous location of PLAZA TOO) is OUT… and PLAZA TOO is moving back in (they own the property) . BELLA FIORA is frantically looking for space on palmer ave, and although PLAZA is leaving, they haven’t exactly come clean… YET! what say you, TOM?

  8. Hello all,
    I am the owner of Bella Fiora and wow this is some rumor! Our lease does not expire until 2014 and we are on very good terms with Tom and the gang at Plaza Too.

  9. Your line about the new candy store being SRO reminds me of growing up two blocks from Chatsworth and “Penny Candy”. There was nothing worse for your teeth or better for Dr. Pano than going in there with a quarter and walking out with a nice little (plastic I think) bag of jaw breakers, Jolly Ranchers and maybe a pack of baseball cards with a stick of gum and heading into the school yard to enjoy the spoils of your allowance. “Penny Candy” went out of business a while ago and it’s good to hear that this gereneration will have the opportunity to keep our dentists in business.

  10. good try BELLA FIORA!
    if you’re telling ‘the truth’, the why are you trying so desperately to rent the old LARCHMONT STORE space? you’ve called the landlord not ONCE, not TWICE, but MULTIPLE times in somewhat of a frenzy
    if you’re telling ‘the truth’, then why haven’t TOM MENDES, and ‘THE BOYS’ (the boys?) come on line here and backed you up?

  11. I just stopped in Plaza Too and saw lots of fall merchandise — suede boots, leather purses, etc. While no one can predict the future, Plaza Too looks like it is definitely in business. As a fellow store owner and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, let me suggest that if residents don’t want more open storefronts (and who does? home values certainly don’t increase as a result of a withering downtown) please consider shopping there. While I know that you get tons of discount coupons to the large stores, do you get the personal service? Do you get gift wrapping? The women at Plaza Too are so helpful. wouldn’t you rather sit in that lovely space and have someone who helps only you? In those dept. stores, if you can find help, then no doubt they are helping 3 to 4 other customers as well. If Tom had to close a store (and I am not suggesting he does as I do not know anything about his business) let’s not let it be the Larchmont store. So rather than spread unfounded rumors, let us spread our support for these local stores.

  12. well said judy.
    plaza too is leaving shortly. it’s not a rumor. it’s not an ‘if’. unfortunately, it’s a ‘when’. hopefully the space will attract a viable new business.
    as for bella fiora…

  13. Look, I realize that you can remain anonymous but if you have real information and facts, then why not identify yourself? I know you aren’t Tom as I have communicated with him. So what good is it to say those things if the source is not accurate. It certainly doesn’t make the people at Plaza Too feel secure. What is the possible good outcome of continuing to say the store is closing if you can’t reveal your source?

  14. don’t ask me. ask TOM

  15. That isn’t the point…the point is why do write about something you have no facts to back you up. Whether he closes a store here or in Rye or elsewhere is a business decision he will make based on his facts. So writing gossip about something you have no facts on is ok? While this is a stretch, this constant rumor mill about store closings is a bit like yelling fire in a movie theater ..yes, you have the right to freedom of speech, but do you not have some responsibility also?

  16. [quote] [i] Finding the occasional straw of truth awash in a great ocean of confusion and bamboozle requires intelligence, vigilance, dedication and courage. But if we don’t practice these tough habits of thought, we cannot hope to solve the truly serious problems that face us – and we risk becoming a nation of suckers, up for grabs by the next charlatan who comes along. [/i] – Carl Sagan [/quote]

    Knowing the name < > Knowing the truth.
    Bernie, anyone?

  17. I shop locally as often as I can. but while I used to be a regular Plaza Too customer, there is little there these days I am interested in buying. The inventory is thin and the shoes and bags are incredibly expensive and too trendy for everyday or office wear. Gone are the days of some mid-priced items, not to mention a nice selection of scarves and gloves as gifts.

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