Police Blotter 01.07.10

A couple of local police blotters this week.  Watch for crimes involving pumpkins.










12/31/2009 Patrol arrived on scene and spoke w ith all parties involved,

who stated there was a collision in front of 20 East

Parkway. After a period of contemplation, all parties

involved decided to rectify the situation amongst

themselves. No further police action taken.


01/01/2010 Caller states youths throwing snowballs at vehicles.

Patrol responded and did observe a group of unknown youths

flee into Drake Road Park, near the location in question.

Patrol did not observe them interfering with traffic, nor

could patrol apprehend the individuals. Patrol did spend a

significant time on scene and in the vicinity to ensure that

no violations were committed.



Officers responded to a fire alarm on Webster Avenue indicating it was necessary to call the Fire Department, which entered the home through a rear window.

The water main was turned off, as severe flooding and water damage had occurred. The residents were notified.



Caller came home to his apartment and found his locks

changed and his possessions gone. He said he talked to

landlord and the landlord knew nothing about. Asecond man was later arrested for criminal tsmpering.


If you’re still reading, here’s some serious criminal activity…



Patrol responded and observed four pumpkins, three Christmas

trees and three traffic cones placed in the driveway of

location. The complainant advised patrol that he was

unaware of who placed the items on the property. No

property was damaged at the location. Patrol moved all

items to the side of the roadway.



Upon arrival patrol assisted the MTA Police with removing a

passenger from a train. The passenger left the train

without incident and took a cab to White Plains. All in

good order upon our departure.


Upon arrival patrol observed a older looking dachshund

breed dog laying near the curb of east bound Heathcote Road

and Sherbrooke Road. The dog did not appear to be in any

pain but its left rear leg appeared to be damaged. A passerby

had observed that the dog had a collar and called the phone

number that was on the collar prior to patrols arrival. The

passerby stated he had left a message on the answering

machine. The dog’s owner, ****, of

** Heathcote Road responded to the scene and retrieved his

dog. The dog owner stated that the dog is very old and does

have a bad leg and was unsure how the dog ended up in the

middle of the street.


Reports that she has fallen and needs help getting up.

**** fell out of her wheelchair and needed assistance

getting back into it.



*** Wildwood Road Woman reports that her husband did not show up for a

4pm interview in Manhattan and she has been unable to reach

him on his cell phone.

Patrol spoke with the complainant,who stated

that she had just talked to her husband and he was fine.



While exiting the Village Hall parking lot patrol

encountered two motorists engaged in a verbal dispute.

Patrol spoke with both motorists and it was learned both

vehicles were southbound on the Bronx River Parkway when

they encountered traffic due to construction. Both motorists

exited the parkway at Crane Road and, while entering East

Parkway, nearly struck each other while merging. No contact

was made between the vehicles. Both motorists were

admonished to exercise more caution when travelling through

construction zones



New Rochelle


A 22 year-old Mount Vernon man was arrested and charged for a crime committed in the wee hours on January 1 at 1 Radisson Plaza.

A 25 year-old Mount Vernon man was arrested for petit larceny at Costco.  One Industrial Lane.  January 2

A 32 year-old New Rochelle man was arrested for misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal trespass at a public housing facility.  51 Winthrop Avenue.  January 3

 A 28 year-old Mount Vernon man was arrested for petit larceny at Home Depot.  55 Weyman Avenue.  January 3

Reported at 33 LeCount Place.  January 1

Reported at Burling Lane and North Avenue.  January 1

Reported at 55 Pershing Avenue.  January 1

Reported at 10 Lafayette Avenue.  January 2

Reported at 22 Pelham Road.  January 2

Reported at 43 1st Street.  January 2

Reported at 60 Horton Avenue.  January 2

Reported at 33 LeCount Place.  January 3

—Maura Carlin

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