Police Blotter 01.13.10

Crimes large and small from all over.


New Rochelle
Two masked gunmen robbed the Marina Deli at 416 Pelham Road  late 1/8. The owner told them he had been confronted by two armed robbers as he was closing the store and turning off the lights. The men, both wearing ski masks and black jackets, stole $600 in cash and fled. Police canvassed the area but could not find the suspects.
A 31 year-old New Rochelle woman was arrestedfor promoting prostitution at 541 Pelham Road.  Also, a 39 year-oldNew Rochelle woman was arrested for prostitution at 474 Pelham Road. January 8
A 24 year-old New Rochelle man was arrested forpromoting gambling with dice.  Location was under police surveillancedue to prior reports of gambling.  Police found three dice andconfiscated $172 cash.  Upon search, police found a large plastic bagof marijuana containing 30 smaller bags.  51 Horton Avenue.  January 9
A 49 year-old Florida woman reports she waspunched and pushed by a man after she accidentally spilled a drink onhim.  Suspect left before police arrived.  1 Radisson Plaza.  January 10
Ten incidents reported of side view mirrorsbroken off or damaged on cars parked in the street.  Police do not knowwhat was used to cause damage.    Indian Trail, Sunnyside Way,Broadfield Road, Oxford Road and Harvard Road.   January 9
Peugeot bicycle reported stolen.  611 Main Street.  January 8
Money reported stolen from employee lockers during the day.  Combination locks were not damaged.  16 Guion Place.  January 8
A woman reported leaving her purse on car trunkfor four minutes while unpacking car.  When she returned, purse wasgone, along with car keys and debit card.  20 Allard Avenue.  January 8



ASchoare County man was arrested on 01/01 and charged with operatingwith a suspended license after he was observed operating his vehiclewhile using a cell phone on Chatsworth Ave.  The vehicle was impounded,and the operator released on $200 bail.


A scofflaw vehicle with $300 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from Hall Ave on 1/8.


A scofflaw vehicle with $380 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from Lot 1 on 1/8.


—Maura Fecher Carlin (showing amazing dedication by writing this with her arm in a sling)



1/7, 11 Heathcote Rd., Criminal Complaint, Resident complained that he was walking around property and discovered several pieces of paper in his yard.  Upon closer inspection, he noticed that the paper was pornographic in nature and involved children.  Police confirmed this and an investigation is in progress.


1/10, 7 Popham Rd., Larceny, Police were called to the CVS on Popham Road for a possible theft.  A witness saw three black males putting merchandise in their pockets.  They left and headed toward Depot Place.  One was wearing black, one was wearing gray, and one was wearing red; they were carrying a blue bag.  A patrol car was not able to locate them.




1/8  AssistanceRendered,1201 Post Road,Police were called by a parent, to remove 20 youths who had arrived at herresidence, unannounced, with alcohol. The parent said her daughter had invited a small group of friends overto hang out, and that the larger group has showed up while they were hangingout.  Many of the youths were observedrunning away when police arrived.


Assistance Rendered, 32 Kingston Road, A man reported that ataxi driver grabbed him by his jacket and threatened him when he was in thedriveway of his home.  The man was pickedup from the White Plains Train station on 1/9/10. The driver dropped the man off at his residence.  When the man asked for his change, the driverbecame confrontational, grabbed his jacket and screamed, “Get out of myf—-ing cab!”  The driver provided thelicense plate number of the cab, but a check of the plate indicated it was noton file at the time. 


–Stefani Kim





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