Police Blotter 01.27.10

Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs . . . another week in paradise…









Two New Rochelle men, ages 18 and 20, were arrested for menacing a 17 year-old New Rochelle resident.  According to the victim, he was walking from the train station, when confronted by two men who threatened to beat him up.  One had a baseball bat.  The victim ran away and the suspects jumped into a 2003 Honda Accord.  Police were able to locate the vehicle and arrested two of the four men inside.  77 Second Street.  January 24


A Briarcliff man, 36, and a Hartsdale woman, 45, were arrested for felony criminal possession of a controlled substance (cocaine) and criminal use of drug paraphernalia, and other lesser drug charges.  A patrol officer observed a vehicle in a parking lot with occupants acting suspiciously upon noticing the officer.  The officer saw the woman throw something out of the car, which turned out to be a broken glass vial.  When the officer looked into the car, he saw a crack pipe on the floor board behind the female passenger’s seat.  Upon an inventory search of the vehicle, police found five crack pipes, a glass jar with white powder believed to be cocaine, a push rod and metal spoon and a couple of Xanax pills.  550 Fifth Avenue.  January 24


An employee of Stop & Shop was arrested for stealing cigarettes and air freshener.  The 34 year-old Yonkers resident took four packs of Newport cigarettes, ten packs of Marlboro cigarettes and an undetermined amount of Airwick air freshener.   28 Harrison Street.  January 23


Three New Rochelle men, ages 21, 24 and 21, were arrested in connection with a fight outside the Casa Aguilar bar.  11 Church Street.  January 23





Circle Ave residents reported on 01/19 that someone entered the garage of the residence and removed a bicycle, valued at $400.


A New Rochelle man was arrested on 01/20, and charged with operating with a suspended license after he was observed operating his vehicle and committing a traffic infraction on Boston Post Rd. The vehicle was impounded, and the operator released on the issuance of an appearance ticket.


— Maura Fecher Carlin 




Assistance Rendered

Police responded to a complaint from a female who claimed her employer, a homeowner residing at 4 Park Lane, owed her two days back pay that she has not received. Officers were able to mediate the situation and the female employee was paid.  There was no furtherincident.  January 21

Suspicious Activity

A homeowner called police to report a silver Nissan driving slowly through the parking lot at 7 Saxon Woods Road.  The driver, a male, was also observed exiting his vehicle tourinate in the lot.  When policearrived, they found a 2005 Nissan occupied by the owner, a male resident of Poughkeepsie.  The man indicatedhe was waiting for someone but that he would leave.  No further incident was reported.  January 22

Assistance Rendered

A homeowner residing on 16 Sherbrooke Road reported thatsomeone had rung his doorbell several times and disappeared when he opened thedoor.  Police spoke with aneighbor, who confirmed that a friend of their son’s was ringing the doorbelland running away.  The youth wasspoken to by his father regarding the incident.  January 22

Assistance Rendered

An employee of Lulu’s Bakery on 40 Garth Road, contacted police to complain about a customer that was harassing her.  The customer, a male resident of WhitePlains, had been asked to leave the store for being excessively loud.  The customer was discovered to be taking medications that may have altered his behavior.  He left the store shortly thereafter.  January 24

Identity Theft

A resident of 49 Fenimore Road called police to report an identity theft.  The caller had a $481 unknown charge on his American Express card from Saks Fifth Avenue.  A police report was filed.  January 14


A 37 year-old woman who is employed as a caregiver to the homeowner at *** Richbell Road, reported that she was harassed by another employee at the residence, a 51year-old male.  The man, a long-term employee who resides at the home, was alleged to have made inappropriate comments to the woman as well as to have walked around naked with the door open.  Police contacted the man, who claimed that it was an accident, and that he did not intend to expose himself to the woman.  The woman did not press charges.  January 15

Criminal Mischief

At the request of management at the Scarsdale Chateaux, a tow truck driver was called to boot a Toyota 4-Runner that was illegally parked.  As the tow truck driver attempted to boot the car, he was approached by the car owner, who proceeded to become irate and threaten him.  The car owner put the vehicle in gear and left the scene, damaging the boot in the process.  Police were not able to locate the car owner.  3 Chateaux Circle.  January 15

Larceny Attempt

Homeowner reported a possible larceny at 11:45 PM at a residence on Claremont Road.  The homeowner said that an unknown black male was seated in the front seat of a 2010 Acura parked in the driveway. The car was unlocked.  Upon discovery, the black male in the vehicle stated, "I’m hungry, I’m hungry" and then fled the scene.  Police could not locate the male.  The matter is under investigation.  January 16


Another vehicle, a 2009 BMW X5, was broken into on Claremont Road.  The missing items include an iPhone that was left in plain view on the center console, an iPhone adapter and a BlackBerry charger. January 16


A homeowner on Old Lyme Road returned to his residence to find a light on in the attic and a door leading from the garage into the home, to be broken.  Upon entering the home, he heard noise upstairs, footsteps on the stairs, and saw someone flee the scene on foot.  The bedrooms were ransacked, the garage appeared disorganized, and some jewelry was missing.  It appears there was af orced entry through the door in the garage that led into the home.  This matter is under investigation.  January 18





Leaving Scene of Accident

Police were contacted about an abandoned vehicle on Weaver Street near Lakewood Lane in the middle of the roadway.  A man was observed running northbound from the scene on foot.  The man turned himself in to police later in the day. January 15

Petit Larceny

A man attempted to steal beer from the Stop & Shop on1326 Boston Post Road.  A store employee thwarted the attempt, and the man fled the scene without the beer.  Police were not able to locate the suspect.  January 16

Criminal Mischief – Fourth Degree

Two individuals were involved in a dispute after one vehicle cut the other vehicle off while both were traveling on Boston Post Road. One individual struck the other’s outside mirror with their hand in a fit of anger.  When police arrived, the two individuals had already settled the matter.  No charges were pressed.  January 23

Criminal Mischief – Third Degree

The owner of a 1996 Chevrolet came outside to discover his car’s driver side windshield smashed while parked at 2425 Boston Post Road.   January 24




Youth Complaint

A homeowner complained that a group of youths in a black SUV were throwing eggs at houses on South Barry Avenue.  Police responded and pulled over a black SUV matching the vehicle description.  The officer spotted an empty shopping bag in the vehicle, at which point the youths admitted to throwing the eggs.  The driver of the vehicle, a 16 year-old male, was issued a summons for driving at night on a learner’s permit.  Two other youths were in the vehicle; all parents were called and youths were released to parents.  January 21

DWI & Drinking Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle

Officers responded to a report of a minor accident at the intersection of Plaza and Center Avenues. The vehicle, driven by a 20-year old female from Mamaroneck Village, had damage on the front end from hitting a guard rail.  The female was arrested for being under the influence of alcohol, as observed by an officer. At the station, she was administered a DataMaster test and charged with Drinking Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle. She was released on $100 bail and is due back in court in Mamaroneck on January 28.   January 21


Officers responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident on Old Post Road at 4:18 AM.  The vehicle, driven by a 30-year old woman from the Bronx, appeared to have heavy front end damage from hitting a tree. The woman claimed that she was traveling west on Old Post Road when an unidentified vehicle came out and caused her to swerve left and hit a tree.  No other vehicle was observed.  The woman was arrested at the scene for a DWI, as an officer had reason to believe she was intoxicated.   January 22


Police observed a vehicle go through a red light at 540 Mamaroneck Avenue.  The officer had reason to believe the driver, a 23-year old male Harrison resident, wasintoxicated.  The male was brought to the station, administered a DataMaster, and charged with a DWI.  January 23

Theft of Service

A Stamford, CT-based taxi company lodged a complain about a passenger not paying his fare. The male passenger was picked up by the cab in Stamford, CT and asked to be taken to Mamaroneck Village. Upon reaching the village, the man asked the cab driver to pull over on Mamaroneck Avenue, and said that he would pay the fare.  The man ran out of the cab without paying the fare.  January 23

DWI & Aggravated DWI

A driver made an illegal U-turn at 335 Mamaroneck Avenue and was pulled over by police.  The officer observed that the driver was intoxicated and he was arrested.  After taking a DataMaster test, the driver was charged with DWI and Aggravated DWI.  January 23

Disorderly Conduct

An officer was attempting to assist a 59-year old Bronx woman with finding a taxi at 3:00 AM at 327 Mamaroneck Avenue, in front of Molly Spillane’s. The woman repeatedly said to the officer “F— You” and displayed both middle fingers.  A second officer arrived on the scene and observed that residents were opening up windows and doors in the immediate area due to the disturbance.  The woman was arrested and is due back in court on January 28.  January 23

Drunk Driver

A 33-year old male Suffern resident was pulled over by police at 900 Mamaroneck Avenue. At the time, the officer thought the male was drunk, and he was brought to the station and given a DataMaster test.  The male was charged with Driving While Ability Impaired, a traffic infraction.  January 24

Criminal Mischief

A woman parked her vehicle, a 1997 Jeep, on the street at 345 Florence at 6:30 PM.  When she returned to the car in the morning, she noticed the front and rear windshields were smashed.  January 25


— Stefani Kim 


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