Police Blotter 02.10.10

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A scofflaw vehicle with $1055 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from Addison Street on 2/2.


A scofflaw vehicle with $550 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from Lot 6 on 2/3.


A Palmer Ave resident reported on 2/3 an unauthorized charge on his credit card from a Sears store in New Jersey.


A New York City woman reported on 2/4 an unauthorized withdrawal from her bank account at the Citibank branch on Palmer Ave in the amount of $15,000.


A Larchmont police officer on routine patrol discovered graffiti on the southbound platform at the MTA station.


A Mamaroneck woman was arrested on 2/5, and charged with operating with a suspended registration after she was observed operating hervehicle on Boston Post Road.  The vehicle was impounded, and the operator released on the issuance of an appearance ticket.




A 26 year-old New Rochelle man was arrested for criminal impersonation of a police/law enforcement officer, a felony, as well as DWI, after making a purported traffic stop on an off-duty corrections officer. The corrections officer reports that he was travelling east on Pelham Road when a car pulled up behind him with red flashing lights and grill.   The suspect got out of a Nissan Sentra and approached the corrections officer with a flashlight and asked for his license and registration.  The officer said the suspect appeared intoxicated so he called police, who arrived and determined that the suspect was indeed intoxicated but was not a police officer.   366 Pelham Road.  February 6


A 32 year-old New Rochelle mother was arrested for interfering with a police investigation, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, when she tried to pull her 15 year-old son away from police as they were investigating a separate incident and told her son not to cooperate.  40 Park Place.  February 6


A 38 year-old New Rochelle man was arrested for possession of metal knuckles.  The suspect was pulled over by police for tinted windows.  The officers observed clear plastic bags with what appeared to be marijuana.  Upon inventory search of the vehicle, police found the metal knuckles.  Webster Avenue and Stratford Road.  February 7


A 30 year-old New Rochelle woman was arrested for beating up a 26 year-old pizza deliverer from Mount Vernon.  The victim reports the intoxicated suspect confronted him in the lobby of the building where he was delivering and repeatedly slapped him.  730 Pelham Road.  February 5


A 23 year-old Bronx man was arrested after a car owner found the suspect sitting in his car. The victim kept the suspect there until police arrived.  Police found the suspect in possession of the victim’s two pocket knives, cell phone charger and $6.45.  Union Avenue and Warren Street.  February 7


A 54 year-old New Rochelle woman reports she was confronted on the street by a man who demanded money.  He grabbed her purse and when she struggled to keep it, he punched her on the right shoulder, knocking her to the ground.  The victim declined an ambulance to the hospital. The victim is missing her purse, wallet, $70, credit cards and driver’s license. 


Police are investigating two burglaries in one neighborhood the evening of February 6.  At one home, someone broke glass on the rear door and entered the home and took $3000 cash and $200 in coins from envelopes in a top dresser drawer, as well as unspecified jewelry.  50Overlook Circle.   There also was a forced entry through a rear window with broken glass at 11 Lyncroft Road.   Police say the incidents are being investigated together.


A laptop computer was reported stolen from a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant parked at 1 Radisson Plaza during overnight hours.  The driver’s side front window was broken by a small rock.  February 6


Three mailboxes damaged overnight in one neighborhood.  86 Winding BrookRoad, 11 Aspen Road and 111 Hillandale Drive.  February 7

— Maura Fecher Carlin



Leaving the Scene of an Accident

A man reported damage to his 2007 Infiniti while it was parked on Palmer Avenue, in front of his apartment building.  The damage was on the rear driver’s side.  February 1

Criminal Mischief  – 4th Degree

An individual reported a punctured tire to his vehicle while it was parked outside NY Sports Club. 15 Madison Avenue.  February 1



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Hit and Run

A 34-year old woman was walking past the CVS on Boston Post Road, near the parking lot exit, at 8:30 am.  As she walked by, an unidentified female, between the ages of 30-40, driving a silver, 4-door vehicle, hit her as she was exiting the parking lot. The car did not stop.  The female sustained minor injuries. If you have any information on the incident or the driver of the vehicle, please contact Mamaroneck Village police. 1100 E. Boston Post Road.  February 4


An officer observed a 55-year old male making an improper turn at 169 Mt. Pleasant Road.  The man admitted that his license was suspended.  Upon further investigation, police discovered his license also was expired and an arrest warrant issued against him for jumping bail.  February 4


A 30-year old local woman complained that she had been receiving hang-up phone calls. Additionally, she said some untrue things were being posted about her on the internet. February 7

Criminal Mischief

There was a report of spray paint damage to a 2004 Lexus parked at a residence at 290 Center Avenue.  The damage occurred between 11:00am and 12:45pm.  The paint covered the driver’s side window and mirror, as well as the passenger side window.  February 7

Property Damage

A motorist, after having his gas pumped at B2B Auto Services, drove off without noticing that the gas nozzle was still in his tank. There was minor damage sustained to the pump; the nozzle was broken off.  946 E.Boston Post Road. February 7


Forced entry reported at Fenimore Iron Works Inc. over a weekend.  A power tool and some other equipment are reported missing.  The matter is under investigation. 324 Northrup Avenue.  February 8

Animal Complaint

A Mamaroneck High School student reported being bitten by a dog on Rockland Avenue, near Mamaroneck Town Center.  The student was walking to school and noticed a person walking two dogs.  He stopped to pet one of the dogs and, as he was doing this, the other dog nipped him on the back of the leg. When the student arrived at school, he noticed he had been bitten, and went to the school nurse to be treated. The bite was superficial and no charges have been pressed.  The dog and its owner are unknown.  February 8


A 49-year old woman reported unauthorized use of her credit card.  She noticed an unusual $300 charge, and contacted police.  She is the only one who has access to the card.  February 8


Credit card charges drafted to card of resident of 717 Orienta Ave. The resident was contacted by a federal agency and told the suspect was arrested.


Resident stored two large items, a wicker dresser and a large microwave oven in the building lobby overnight and, in the morning, they were gone. 425 Florence Street. February 2


Teacher with previous order of protection against her ex-boyfriend reported he repeatedly contacts and texts her threatening to ruin her reputation. He was charged and required to appear in Court.  February 3


Caller reports her daughter is suicidal. Police were dispatched to the home, where the daughter told police she cut herself shaving and texted her mother that she "couldn’t stop the bleeding."   February 3

— Stefani Kim and Polly Kreisman




Kayak stolen from backyard between Dec. 2009 and January15, 2010. Reported February 8


16 year old Swahi Krishnan of Stamford disappeared after being dropped at Rye Country Day School, Grandview Avenue, at 8:00 am on February 8.  Her father reported today (2/9) that she was located in Massachusetts, unharmed. It is believed she voluntarily took a bus there because she was depressed. Police will interview the family to confirm that no harm was done and no crime was committed.


Four homes were burglarized while owners were at a Super Bowl party.  Police say pieces of costume jewelry were the most valuable items taken.  40, 42, 51 and 52 Walker Avenue.  February 7


Tom Scappaticci, who works at City Hall, reportedr eceiving a counterfeit $5 bill.  February 6.


An officer noted a CT registration on a car had expired 5/09 and pulled it over. Search of the car found a pipe and marijuana.


Police recovered a single shot pistol from the scene of a suicide the day before at 131 Purchase St.  February 2

— Polly Kreisman and Ava Bradley 




Assistance Rendered

A confused man came to the police station to report keysthat had been removed from his vehicle when it was parked near Scarsdale PostOffice on Chase Road on January 30. He mentioned being involved in an auto accident on January 29, beingtaken to White Plains Hospital, and losing his keys somewhere along theway.  His memory of where the carwas after that became hazy, and police urged him to retrace his steps andcontact White Plains hospital. February 1

Identity Theft

A resident of Sheldrake Road contacted police to report thatan unknown person had obtained her date of birth and social securitynumber.  She received writtencorrespondence from HSBC Bank regarding a Best Buy account; she was unawarethat an attempt had been made to open this account.  February 2

Petit Larceny

An employee of CVS on Popham Road reported that a man wasshoplifting and had fled the store. The man, a 55-year old New Rochelle resident, fled south, was spotted byPizza Station on Scarsdale Avenue, and eventually caught and arrested byEastchester Police.  Policeconfiscated four Right Guard 2-pack deodorants.  The man was released on $100 bail.  February 3


A Spier Road resident returned home on February 3 to findthat someone had entered her home and stolen jewelry from a dresser drawer.  The culprit was alleged to have enteredthrough an unlocked basement door, and exited through a rear sliding glass doorin the kitchen.  This matter isunder investigation. 

Suspicious Activity

A Spier Road resident reported to police that a strange man,about 5’4” wearing a maroon sweater and jeans, approached her daughter outsideher home, asking to shovel her driveway. Her daughter refused and the man left, only to return 10 minutes later,peeking in her front window.  Uponseeing the homeowner, the man fled. February 4

Found Property

A Good Samaritan returned a cell phone to police afterfinding it in the vicinity of the business district.  February 5

— Stefani Kim 


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