Police Blotter 02.18.10

Who moved my ties? . . . and several cases of "I hate when that happens…"











A Heathcote Road resident reported that one of his neckties was out of place in his closet, and he suspects an intruder.  There were no signs of forced entry.  He had opened a window earlier in the day, and thought that someone may have entered through there.  Police urged the man to secure all doors and windows to prevent further problems.  February 8


A Black Birch Lane resident reported that his 16-year old daughter had overheard threats from her classmate at The Star School in White Plains, to do harm to her over winter recess.  The daughter had also seen similar threats on Facebook accounts; no threats were made directly to her.  February 12


A 75-year old man was traveling east on Fenimore Road.  His vision impaired by sunlight at the intersection of Fox Meadow Road and Walworth, he hit a telephone pole.  He was treated and transported to White Plains ER.  February 9



A music teacher at Heathcote School on Palmer Avenue reported an iPod as stolen from a classroom.  The iPod was the property of Heathcote School.  February 9



The driver of a 03’ Chevy Suburban was traveling west on Mamaroneck Road, coming down the hill, when he lost control of the car and hit a utility pole.  Ricocheting off the pole, he then hit another pole on the other side of Mamaroneck Road.  The car ultimately flipped over.  The driver had been suffering a medical condition that caused him to become disoriented.  He was transported to Westchester Medical Center for treatment.  February 12







A man working on a telecommunications line at the Hommocks Park Ice Rink reported $1,000 worth of tools stolen from a bucket outside his truck while he was working. Hommocks Road.  February 16


A man reported that he was traveling north on Murray Avenue, and, as he was making the right turn into his driveway, he was struck on the rear passenger side by another vehicle.  The other driver, a white male in his 20’s driving a 2000 Dodge Neon, got out of his car to confirm that the man was not injured.  The other driver then proceeded to drive away, without exchanging information.  February 16






A local couple was driving through the intersection on West Street and Harrison Avenue, when the driver, a 50-year old man, mistakenly hit the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal, sending their BMW up an embankment, and overturning it in the process.  Trapped in their car, the couple was extricated by the fire department and subsequently taken to the hospital for injuries sustained.  February 8



Police pulled over a 19-year old local male on East Boston Post Road for an extinguished headlight.  It was later discovered that the man was driving without insurance, with an expired inspection sticker, and had a small amount of marijuana on him.  He was arrested and given an appearance ticket for February 11.  February 10



A Prospect Avenue resident reported someone had obtained his bank information and withdrawn a large amount of money from his account with an ATM card.  The bank has been notified.  February 11



A couple reported jewelry missing from their home.  There were no signs of forced entry.  The husband indicated that the front door lock had been broken for some time.  The day the burglary was alleged to have happened, February11, the husband had left in the morning to drop his wife at work.  When he arrived back at home, he secured the front door and remained home for the rest of the day.  When the wife returned home, she discovered that jewelry was missing. Fayette Avenue. The investigation is continuing.



Chase Bank reported a man believed to be passing bad checks while wearing a UPS uniform. On February 12, a man fitting this description attempted to pass a check for over $5,000.  The bank called police and officers arrested the man and charged him with possession of a forged instrument in the third degree and grand larceny in the third degree, a D felony.  535 East Boston PostRoad



A guest staying at an apartment on 627 Mamaroneck Avenue reported an attempted break-in.  He claimed that on February 12, he heard the front door open and saw a Hispanic male, about 5’7", wearing a yellow knit cap with a stripe, black leather coat and jeans, attempt to enter.  The suspect fled upon noticing that someone was in the apartment.  Please call Mamaroneck police if you have any information on this suspect. 



Two youths were involved in a fight, at 10:00 PM, near Rye Neck Union Free School District and FE Bellows Elementary School.  Police responded and broke up the fight.   200 Carroll Avenue.  February 14



A resident of the Avalon Willow reported $400.00 missing from his apartment.  According to the victim, he had left the cash in plain view.  There was no sign offorced entry. 140 New Street. February 15


— Stefani Kim

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