Police Blotter 03.25.10

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Two homes in the same neighborhood were burglarized in the early hours of March 21.  Homeowners on Brewster Road arrived home to find several rooms ransacked.  There was no sign of forced entry; entry is presumed to have been made through an unlocked door.  Missing items include jewelry and a laptop, believed to have been taken from the master bedroom.  The second home, on Hampton Road, was ransacked and thieves took several pieces of costume jewelry.  Entry was made through an unlocked screened-in porch and a kicked-in rear door.  Both homeowners had inactive alarm systems.  Police are investigating. 

A man claims his wallet was stolen at the 7-11 on Garth Road when he turned around to use the ATM in the early hours of March 22.  Police are reviewing videotape surveillance.

A Ridgecrest West resident contacted police regarding two vehicles on her road that were parked, with occupants sitting in them, for no apparent reason.  One vehicle, a white truck bearing the insignia "Osmose Utility Services Inc.", was from a contracting company that was working on a downed wire.  The other vehicle, a black Mitsubishi, was unoccupied when police arrived.  March 15

Two men involved in a bank heist in Carmel, NY were reported to have fled the scene of the robbery in a green Isuzu. The men were last seen heading southbound; Scarsdale police were deployed to all southbound exits of the Bronx River Parkway to monitor oncoming cars.  A vehicle matching the description of the vehicle in question was stopped on the Saw Mill Parkway.  March 16, 2010

A Queens man contacted police because he had been unable to contact his ex-wife, a Heathcote Road resident, and was concerned for her welfare.  Several pieces of unread mail and disconnected phone numbers led police to believe the woman had vacated the residence.  Police gained entry by removing front door locks; no one was found within.   There was a court order mandating the ex-wife to leave the residence, which is owned by the ex-husband.  March 17 (huh?)

A Griffen Avenue resident reported that someone had opened a fraudulent Nordstrom credit card in his name, but with a Brooklyn address.  The account was in arrears for $6,000.  Nordstrom was notified and the account was closed.  March 18

A Hertz rental car was missing from a resident driveway on Johnson Road, after being crushed, presumably from the storm that ravaged the area earlier in the week.  The renter, a Homestead Avenue resident, had reported the damage to Hertz and was told to lock the key in the car and someone would pick it up.  The car was missing on March 18, and, upon calling Hertz to confirm the pick-up, Hertz had no knowledge of the car being removed.  Police contacted a local tow company, who confirmed that they had towed the car as instructed by Hertz.

A bonfire was reported on Ridgecrest West.  When police arrived, they found a group of youths roasting marshmallows and hot dogs in the yard.   The youths were advised that open fires are not allowed in Scarsdale.  March 20

A Pinecrest Road resident called 911 to report his angry dog had bitten him.  The resident was treated by S.V.A.C. and declined further medical attention.  March 20

Responding to a report of strange noises emanating from a Hampton Road residence, police discovered it was only a young man stretching after a vigorous workout.  March 21



A 51-year old female complained that someone hit her 2009 Toyota while it was parked at the Nautilus Diner.  The front driver’s side was dented.  1240 Boston Post Road.  March 18

A basement window at a residence on Murray Avenue was damaged, although the cause is unclear.  Part of a wooden traffic barrier was found near the window, according to the 62-year old homeowner, who thought perhaps the wind blew the piece into the window.  March 20



A 49 year-old male claims that he does not remember hitting a pedestrian on Baldwin Place on March 16.  The pedestrian, a contractor for Con Ed, was walking westbound on the side of the road when he was blindsided by the driver in a 2004 Toyota.  The pedestrian was hit in the legs with such force that he fell on the hood and rolled off onto the road.  The driver was given a summons for leaving the scene of an accident. 

Village police arrested two men on Mt. Pleasant Avenue on outstanding warrants as a result of an extensive two-year investigation.  One man was charged with four counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance and four counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance.  The other man was charged with three counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance near a school and three counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree. The charges included felonies.  Both men were processed and transported to Westchester County Court.  March 17

Police responded to a complaint of a youth party at Munro Avenue.  When police arrived, no one was intoxicated, although police found beer in the home.  March 17

A Washington Street woman reported some jewelry missing from her home between February 25-March 18.   There was no sign of forced entry.  This matter is under investigation. 

A wayward dolphin appeared in the waters at the Hampshire Country Club on Cove Road.  The Coast Guard and Riverhead Foundation Rescue were notified.  The dolphin was removed by Riverhead and, unfortunately, died soon thereafter of unknown causes.  March 18

A vehicle parked on the street at Knollwood Avenue was broken into sometime between March 18th-19th.  The passenger side window was smashed and a radar detector was stolen.

— Stefani Kim



A Palmer Ave business owner reported on 3/18 that a male subject entered his place of business and removed cigarettes valued at over $300.

A Monroe Ave resident reported on 3/20 that someone threw a piece of wood through a window of the home.


Two Westchester teen boys, ages 16 and 17, were arrested for trying to break in to a vacant home by picking a basement lock.  A neighbor reported seeing the boys.  250 Elk Avenue.  March 19

A 23 year-old New Rochelle man was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault – 2d degree; disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and criminal possession of a controlled substance.  Uniform police officers, responding to a report of drug activity, found a suspect fitting the description given.  The suspect fled, but was chased and apprehended following a struggle.  A large crowd gathered and at least one person reportedly tried to help suspect get away.  Two police officers were injured – one on the right finger, the other on the knee – and treated and released.  Upon search at police headquarters, police found a clear plastic bag containing what is believed to be crack cocaine on the suspect.  At headquarters, a crowd appeared to protest treatment of the suspect.  Horton Avenue and Brook Street.  March 20


Three men and one woman were arrested and charged in connection with three larcenies.  A 27 year-old Yonkers man driving a 1996 Toyota Tacoma was stopped at a safety inspection checkpoint.  He was arrested for DWI, false impersonation and driving without a license.  Upon further inspection, police discovered that the vehicle was stolen from the Bronx, and the suspect was charged with felony criminal possession of stolen property.  Another man, 30 years old from Mamaroneck, also was charged with possession of the stolen vehicle, in addition to petit larceny of 16 packs of chewing gum from the CVS at 16 Weyman Avenue and a petit larceny from a store at 368 Pelham Road.  Also charged with the CVS and store thefts were a 43 year-old Mount Vernon man and a 47 year-old Calicoon woman.  March 20

A safe was reported stolen from a home at 80 Sussex Road.  Entry was gained through a broken glass back door slider.  March 21

A 1998 Ford Explorer was reported missing from 361 Main Street.  March 21

A 2003 Toyota Corolla was reported missing from 354 Webster Avenue.  It was later recovered in front of 39 Lathers Park.  March 20


–Maura Fecher Carlin 

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