Police Blotter 10.20.09

Divine intervention, facebook note and a bad week for CVS’s everywhere. . . 




10/13 – Criminal Mischief, 10 Heathcote Rd – A resident found the lights along her driveway smashed when she returned home from work.

10/14 – Suspected Larceny, *** Stratton Rd – A woman employed for one day as a live in nanny was accused of taking jewelry from the resident employer.  The employee denied the accusations and reported that she only worked in the house for four hours before quitting because the residents told her that they would only pay her half of the original agreed salary.  During those four hours in which she was left alone in the house, she stated that she mainly stayed in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, and went down to the basement to use the bathroom.  When police asked the residents whether they wanted to file a report of suspected larceny, they refused stating them believe that there will be “divine intervention in this matter.”

10/16 – Suspicious Activity, 45 Murray Hill Rd – A resident telephoned police to report an incident that he found suspicious.  Earlier that morning, while  the resident was doing yard work,  a white Lincoln Navigator pulled up to the resident’s house and stopped in front of his driveway before driving to the end of the cul de sac, turning around, and stopping once again in front of his driveway.  When the resident approached the vehicle it quickly drove off.  The Lincoln Navigator has a Maryland license plate and was last seen by police getting on the Hutchinson River Parkway going northbound. 

10/18 – Larceny, 7 Popham Rd – A store manager at CVS reported that an unknown suspect stole 3 cartons of cigarettes and left the store when a cashier left her station unattended.  The manager advised police that the incident may have been caught on the security cameras, and will report back once the recorded videos have been reviewed.

10/18 – Suspicious Activity, *** Brite Ave – Police responded to a report that a resident’s 14 year old daughter was followed home by a man in a silver mid-size 4 door sedan (possibly an Infiniti).  After leaving her friend’s house on Cambridge Rd, the resident’s daughter began to jog home by cutting through George Field Park to the intersection of Post and Huntington.  While making her way down Huntington, the teenager first noticed the vehicle.  After making a left up Sage Terrace to Brite Ave, she again saw the vehicle driving slowly towards her.  After growing suspicious, she stopped at another friend’s house on Brite Ave, where she watched the car continue southbound on Brite Ave before turning around and driving up the street again.  The vehicle quickly left the scene thereafter, but the teenager was able to glimpse the driver and provide a description to police.   Police canvassed the area a few times but could not find the driver or the vehicle. 



10/13 – Missing Vehicle, 18 Adelaide St – A resident reported his gray 2005 Toyota Camry stolen from the train parking lot sometime between the early morning and late afternoon. The vehicle is still missing,

10/13 – Missing Vehicle, 114 Boston Post Rd and Purdy Ave – A black sedan was stolen from the Rye Shell parking lot sometime overnight.  A few hours after it was reported stolen, the vehicle was found abandoned by the ramp near the I-287 on the Boston Post Road.  No personal property was taken from the car, which suffered minimal damage.

10/15 – Possible Suicide Attempt, Purchase St – Police sent a cruiser and a psychotherapist to the resident of a male who had posted a possible suicide note on Facebook.  The note was seen by a friend who promptly called the police.

10/18 –Theft of Services, 1 Boston Post Rd – A black Land Rover drove off from a gas station without paying for gas.

 –Ricci Dipshan


10/13 – Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Arrest – At 4:30 in the morning on the 13th, a woman came into the station with a laceration on her face, claiming that she had been attacked during a physical altercation with an acquaintance.  Police followed up, but were unable to find the assailant in question.  However, at around 1 pm that day, the suspect turned herself in and was arrested at the police station.

10/15/09 – 115 Hoyt Avenue, Burglary – A homeowner reported that the front door was found unlocked and the alarm had been activated, but nothing appeared to be missing from the home. 

10/16/09 – Harassment, Harbor Island Pavilion – A woman was driving west on Halstead Ave and was in the turning lane at a red light.  A man cut her off in his vehicle and she honked at him, at which point he stopped his car, got out of the car, and started yelling at the woman, who claims that he also attempted to open her car door.  The man admits that he got out of the car and yelled at her, but denies ever trying to open her door. 

10/17/09 – Drunk Driving Arrests, 1050 Mamaroneck Avenue – In a road block on Mamaroneck Avenue on Saturday night, police arrested three individuals, each on separate occasions, for DUI’s.  One of them was also arrested for driving with a suspended license. 

10/18/09 – 251 Mamaroneck Avenue, Drunk Driving Arrest – After observing a car speeding and making an illegal right turn on red, a police officer stopped the driver and discovered that the driver was intoxicated, with a BAC of over .08.  The driver was arrested on two counts of DWI, and for speeding and running the red light. 

10/20/09 – Hoyt Avenue, Suspicious Incident – A woman called the police after being harassed by a stranger in a gray vehicle.  The man asked her if she needed a ride while she was walking to the train station, and continued to follow her slowly and circle around the block until she arrived at the station.


10/15– 3 Edgewater Place, Criminal Mischief – Sometime between 8 pm on the 15th and 8 am on the 16th, two tires on a gray 2006 Mercedes C35 were punctured with an unknown sharp object.  Nothing else suspicious was found in the area, and police believe this  to be a random act. 

10/16 – 2444 Boston Post Road, Petit Larceny – A CVS employee observed an unidentified male run out of the store with four bottles of Robitussin without paying for them. 

10/16 – 740 West Boston Post Road, Identity Theft – A person filed a police report after receiving a call from Verizon Wireless informing them that an account had been opened in their name. 

10/17– 1116 Palmer Avenue, Burglary – A house under construction reported that the rear sliding door had been broken as well as the front window, suggesting signs of forced entry.  However, there has been no property reported missing from the residence. 

–Julia Sobel



A car thief stole a Black 2005 Acura left with keys in the ignition and the victim’s mother in the passenger seat near New Roc City.  Shortly after, the suspect ordered the passenger out of the car and sped off.  No one was injured.  Neither the car nor suspect have been located.  LeCount Pl.  October 16


A 21 year old New Rochelle man was arrested in connection with an October 15 assault.  Two days later, the suspect returned to the victim’s home, pushed open the door to the apartment causing the victim to fall and threatening him if he pursued criminal charges.  89 Horton Ave.  October 17


A 17 year old New Rochelle resident was arrested for allegedly shoplifting glue and tools valued at approximately $41 from Home Depot.  55 Weyman Ave.  October 18


Bicycle and scooter reported missing from backyard.  18 Circuit Road.  October 18


Victim reports leaving handbag and coat on a music stand at Trinity Episcopal Church.  Upon returning, she found purse open and wallet with $40 cash missing.  311 Huguenot Street.  October 18


Three incidents reported of ground level living room windows broken by a rock.  191, 193 and 240 Clove Road.  October 17-18 


Ten year old girl home alone while parents attend church reported hearing a noise and seeing someone at the backdoor.  She ran to neighbor’s home and called police.  *** Vaughn Avenue.  October 18


A 35 year old Connecticut man reports being contronted in CVS parking lot by a man who complained he cut him off in traffic.  The victim was pushed down and punched by his assailant, who then drove off in a silver Honda Accord.  625 North Ave.  October 16


A tool valued at $1000 reported stolen from a United Water Co. truck working at site.  311 North Ave.  October 16



A Boston Post Rd resident reported on 10/10 that sometime during the overnight hours someone damaged several bushes planted in front his residence totaling $500 in damage.


The Manager of CVS on Chatsworth Ave reported that $145 worth of merchandise was stolen on October 9.


A Prospect Ave resident reported on 10/11 that between 10/6 and 10/11, someone entered and removed two bicycles, each valued at $500, from an unlocked garage.


A Sherwood Drive resident reported on 10/12 that during the overnight hours someone took her vehicle, which had been parked in the driveway.


An Elm Ave resident reported on 10/15 that three weeks after terminating her nanny she discovered property, valued at $350, missing from the residence.


A Elm Ave resident reported on 10/15 that someone damaged his vehicle while it was parked in Lot 1.


A West Ave resident reported on 10/16 that sometime the previous evening, someone had damaged one of the tires on his vehicle.

— Maura Fecher Carlin

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