Police Blotter December 17

Can’t locate the GPS or the tires . . . or that money left on the kitchen counter.






Village of Larchmont


The pedestrian injured in the accident on N.Chatsworth Avenue remains hospitallized. No charges have been filed against the driver.

The fire at Fitness Together on Palmer Ave was found not to be suspicious


A Boston Post Rd business owner reported on 12/5 that sometime during the overnight hours someone removed plant holders, valued at $425, from the front of the establishment.


A Mamaroneck Town man was arrested on 12/5 upon the issuance of a Warrant of Arrest by Larchmont Police Officers on a request from Westchester County Police Warrant Squad. The man was turned over to that agency following his arrest. The underlying charge to the arrest warrant related to a DWI offense.


A scofflaw vehicle with $325 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from Lot 1 on 12/8.


A Chatsworth Ave man was arrested on 12/8, and charged with operating with a suspended registration and a suspended registration on Chatsworth Ave. The vehicle was impounded, and the operator released on an Appearance Ticket.


A Bronx man was arrested on 12/9, and charged with operating with a suspended registration and a suspended license on Palmer Ave. The operator was released on $50 bail.


A scofflaw vehicle with $550 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from Lot 2 on 12/10. .


A Chatsworth Ave resident reported on 12/11 that while in the process of moving, some of her property, totaling $1100 in value, was removed from the residence.


A scofflaw vehicle with $535 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from Lot 7 on 12/11.

— Maura Fecher Carlin


Village of Mamaroneck

12/08 – 640 East Boston Post Road, Identity Theft – A man reported that the fraud division of his credit card company contacted him and informed him that they are investigating three purchases on his credit card that occurred after he had reported his card missing.

12/08 – 627 Willow Street, Identity Theft – Between 11/23 and 12/08, somebody obtained an old personal check linked to the complainant’s savings account and removed approximately $2,000.00 from the account.  The incident is currently under investigation.

12/08 – Jefferson Ave Parking Lot, Criminal Mischief – Complainant reports that an unknown individual broke the passenger side window of a 2000 Honda parked on the street.  The police left a note for the car owner to contact in case something was stolen from the car.

12/08 – 400 Mamaroneck Avenue, Arrest – A vehicle made an illegal turn across the double yellow line, and the police stopped the individual.  The driver was driving with a suspended license and was arrested at the scene.

12/08 – Waverly Avenue, Arrest – After observing the driver of a 2003 Acura talking on his cell-phone while operating the vehicle, an officer pulled him over and discovered that he was driving with a suspended license. 

12/09 – 210 Warren Avenue, Larceny – The complainant reported that while her car was parked overnight on the street, it was ransacked and some personal items were removed.

12/09 – 632 Mamaroneck Avenue, Arrest – Police observed a 52 year-old male urinating on the side of the road and arrested him for exposure. 

12/09 – 1250 Raleigh Road, Burglary – Sometime during the day on 12/9, an unknown individual entered a window of a residence, and took several items, including a small amount of cash. 

12/09 – 224 Mamaroneck Ave, Larceny – A woman came in to the jewelry store at this location and was trying on rings.  She left, and then returned again, and the owners realized that several rings were missing. 

12/10 – 310 East Boston Post Road, Person with Knife – At the BOCES School, two kids had an argument about something and a girl picked up a plastic knife and then damaged a window.  She did not threaten anyone with the knife, and the school is handling the matter. 

12/10 – 727 Bleeker Avenue, Larceny – The complainant reported a larceny from the past.  Over the last 3 or 4 months at different times, she has come to find that some of her jewelry is missing.

12/10 – 1030 West Boston Post Road, Suspicious Incident – An elderly man was observed and recognized by the complainant as someone who has exposed himself  to her several times in the past.  She had previously reported these incidents and called the police to make them aware of the situation.

12/10 – 539 Oakhurst Road, Criminal Mischief – Between 8 pm on 12/9 and 9 am on 12/10, an unknown individual keyed all four doors of the complainant’s Audi, which was parked on the street. 

12/11 – 418 North Barry Avenue, Criminal Mischief – The tailgate of the complainant’s Ford Explorer was damaged overnight between 8 pm and 6 am on 12/11. 

12/11 – 169 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Identity Theft – Individual came to station to report that his credit card was used to purchase something for several hundred dollars online in North Carolina.  Detective has been notified and will investigate.

12/11 – Mamaroneck Avenue, Disorderly Person/Arrest – An officer on patrol observed an individual running across the street.  He observed the individual making obscene gestures by motioning up and down with both hands simulating the act of masturbating and yelling at a group of people behind him.  He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. 

12/12 – West Boston Post Road, Drunk Driver – Larchmont police reported by radio a possible drunk driver in a white Volkswagon on the Boston Post Road coming towards the village.  An EMS worker was driving down the street and observed the same vehicle and radios the location to the police station.  The car was pulled over for operating the vehicle while on the cell phone and smelled alcohol strongly on the person’s breath.  The 30-year-old female driving the car refused the breathalyzer test and was arrested and charged with a felony. 

12/13 – *** Jefferson Avenue, Suspicious Incident – After returning from the bank and placing cash down on the countertop, victim reports the money disappeared.  All family members claim to have no idea what happened to the money.  Incident is being investigated.

12/13 – 934 Halstead Avenue, Harassment – The complainant has been getting repeated phone calls from someone who hangs up every time she answers and wanted to report this to the police.

12/13 – 41 Top of the Ridge, Criminal Mischief – The complainant got into her father’s Toyota and was preparing to drive away when she realized that an unknown individual had slashed the left rear tire. 

12/14 – 320 Palmer Terrace, Larceny – The driver’s side window of the complainant’s vehicle was broken and a GPS was stolen. 

12/14 – 707 Palmer Court, Larceny – The passenger window was broken on the complainant’s vehicle and a GPS was stolen.

12/14 – 335 Mamaroneck Avenue, Harassment – The complainant has been receiving phone calls from a male she does not know who has been making unwanted comments.

12/14 – 751 Old White Plains Road, Arrest – The police were watching a package and an individual was observed picking up the package and attempting to leave the area with the package.  The individual was placed under arrest.  The matter is currently under investigation.

Town of Mamaroneck

(due to police staff vacations, little detail available)

12/12 – 4 Lafayette Road, Harassment

12/10 – 41 Edgewood Avenue, Auto Stripping in the Third Degree –  Between 11:15 pm on 12/9 and 6:45 on 12/10, an unknown individual removed the side lights from the complainant’s yellow 2001 vehicle.  The lights are valued at $20.00 each. 

12/10 – 808 Weaver Street (Bonnie Briar Country Club), Identity Theft in the Third

12/14 – 87 Edgewood Avenue, Suspicious Incident

12/12 – 1232 Palmer Avenue, Crime – Past

12/12 – 1311 Boston Post Road, Dispute

12/13 – 12 Carriage House Lane, Suspicious Incident

12/10 – 740 West Boston Post Road, Dispute

12/09 – 20 Alden Road, Suspicious Incident

12/09 – 208 Mulberry Lane, Suspicious Incident

12/09 – 20 Alden Road, Suspicious Incident

— Julia Sobel



12/7 – Lost Property, 9 Bulling Court – A resident reported that her wedding ring slipped off her finger while she was walking on Main Street in Rye.  She cannot recall when it fell off, and asked the police to keep a lookout for it.

12/7 – Attempted Burglary, 95 Evergreen Avenue – A resident heard someone enter his rear door and walk into his kitchen between 5 pm and 5: 15 pm.  The resident locked himself in his room and called the cops.  When patrol arrived the suspect was gone and nothing was reported missing.

12/7 – Harassment, ***Johnson Place – A resident reported receiving unwanted harassing text messages from her husband’s ex-wife.  She requested an order of protection and the police advised the suspect not to bother her anymore.

12/8 – Theft from a Building, 63 Brevoort Lane – A male working at the taping of America’s Got Talent in Rye put his wallet down in his office only to find it stolen upon his return an hour or so later. 

12/14- Theft from a Building, 1121 Boston Post Road – Two unknown parties entered the CVS at the stated address and removed large quantities of Revlon beauty supplies.  The cameras got the suspects, who were described as two white males in black hooded jackets.



12/7 – Suspicious Person, 314 Heathcote Road – A resident called in to report an unknown female in her driveway.  Patrol arrived and talked to the elderly woman who spoke only Russian.  The woman received a call as patrol was trying to communicate with her from another resident who advised them that the woman was her baby sitter and she was supposed to pick up her son at the Heathcote school.  Apparently, the babysitter had gone to the wrong address, so patrol advised her where to go.

12/8 – Larceny, 1 Depot Lane –  A bicycle was reported stolen from the bike rack at Depot place.  The lock had been damaged when the suspect was trying to get it off.

12/9 – Missing Person, 2 Ogden Road – A mother reported that her 12-year-old child was missing since he was not at the synagogue when she was supposed to pick him up.  The child was eventually found at his residence at Gilmore Court.  He had walked home instead of waiting for his mother due to a miscommunication about the pick-up time.

12/11 – Harassing Phone Calls, 33 Jefferson Road – A resident reported receiving harassing phone calls from a company called Always Travel for the past five days.  They did not leave any voice message, but they did call numerous times at different hours.  When the resident called the company to advise them to stop harassing him, they agreed, but the calls did not stop. Upon calling the company a second time, the resident said he got a busy signal.  Patrol tried to call the company as well, but also got a busy signal.  They advised the resident that they would keep on trying to reach Always Travel.

12/11 – Suspicious Activity, ***Rock Creek Lane – A resident reported that she came home to find her garage door open, which is suspicious because she lives alone.  This was the second time she found it open; she changed the pass code after the first time.  As there was nothing taken from her abode, patrol advised that it was probably a faulty garage motor that was causing all the problems. 

— Ricci Dipshan


New Rochelle


Four men, one from New Rochelle, two from Greenburgh and one from Yonkers, were arrested for possession of stolen tires after police observed tires inside a car.  Two cars with the men appeared to be involved in stealing the tires from cars at 773 and 781 Pelham Road.  The arrested men are 25 and 26 years old.  Police continue to investigate any connection between these tire thefts and prior ones.  December 14.

Someone left the A&P with a full cart of unpaid-for goods, driving off into a 2009 Ford Edge with New Jersey license plates.  366 Pelham Road.  December 13


New Rochelle resident awakened at 2;45am with word that someone was trying to steal something from truck.  Suspect saw person in window and took off.  51 Bayview Avenue.  December 13 


Someone attempted to removed side view mirror from 2000 BMW while car owner was in Costco.  1 Industrial Lane.  December 12


Tires and rims reported missing from behind garage.  Last seen in September.  25 Bayard Street.  December 11


Ipod ($187 value) delivered to front door of apartment missing.  42 Park Place.  December 11


Laptop computer left on top of book bag in Iona College lobby reported missing.  255 Wilmot Road.  December 4 

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