Police Blotter December 3

Bias crime, suspicious cars and carry-out left behind… . 






string of burglaries



Nov. 25- Anti Semetic words handwritten on strips of colored construction paper were found scattered on Fenimore Road.

The strips, each measuring 1-by-4 inches and with the words, “KILL JEWS” neatly written in black, were found shortly before 8 a.m.

More than two dozen strips were scattered on the roadway between Elm and Fox Meadow roads near the Hartsdale train station.

Police are investigating.



11/23 – Suspicious Activity, 17 Rectory Lane – Patrol received a call about a Hispanic male with red hair dressed in blue jeans ringing doorbells on Rectory Lane asking to use the phone.  Patrol quickly responded to a homeowner at the stated address and found out that the male in question stated that he needed to use to phone to call his wife’s employers to tell them that she had passed away.  The wife had been a housekeeper to a family on 15 Rectory Lane.  Police verified this information with the family, and found all to be in good order.


11/23 – Suspicious Activity, 6 Cayuga Rd – A woman called in to report that she was scared to leave her car because of an unoccupied vehicle parked in her driveway. Patrol arrived and found out that the car was registered to the previous owner of the house.  After some investigation, it was learned that the car went for repairs at Heathchote Exxon, and when finished, it was returned mistakenly to the owner’s previous address.


11/24 – Suspicious Activity, 18 Highland Way  – A resident reported that a silver two door Lexus pulled into his driveway and turned off its headlights before driving off as he came outside. Police quickly arrived on the scene and canvassed the area, but could not find the car.


11/27 – Suspicious Activity, 30 Heathcote Rd – A resident phoned in to report a red Honda Civic that had been parked across her driveway entrance for some time.  She didnot know who it was and felt scared to leave her house.  When police arrived, they approached the driver, who stated that he had just pulled over to place a telephone call.  He was advised to pull over on the road, and be more careful in the future.


11/28 –Disorderly Conduct, 60 Huntington Ave – A resident called in to report that two youths were acting erratically and loudly at the Greenacres school playground.  Police arrived and advised the youths that they could not hang out at on the grounds once the school closed for the night. 





11/23 – Criminal Mischief, 131 Purchase – Between the night of November 22nd and the morning of the following day, an unknown person(s) drew a lewd and sexual symbol on the front hood of a GMC envoy with a marker and threw feces on its hood.


11/23 –Trespass of Property, 2 Kirby Lane – A resident heard a noise in his driveway, and before he went to check it out, his wife’s car alarm went off.  When he got outside, he vaguely saw a shadow running away in the distance.  Police canvassed the area, but to no avail.


11/24 – Property Lost, Station Plaza – A man lost his wallet containing his New Jersey drivers license and his social security card at the Rye train station platform. 


11/27 – Suspicious Vehicle, 22 Harding Drive – A Honda civic parked in front of a resident’s house and driver tried to look into the windows before driving off erratically. The resident reported the incident, but the police could not find the car.


11/27 – Criminal Mischief, 397 Midland Ave – A Toyota camry parked overnight in a driveway had its windshield ripped off.


— Ricci Dipshan 





A Mamaroneck Town resident reported on 11/20 that sometime during the day someone stole his bicycle ($400 value) from Lot 1.


A Pryer Lane resident reported on 11/21 that during the overnight hours someone removed two concrete statues ($400 value) from the pillars at the front gate of the residence.


A Staten Island man was arrested on 11/23 and charged with operating with a suspended registration and a suspended license on Addison St.  The vehicle was impounded, and the operator released on an appearance ticket.


A Greenwich CT man was arrested on 11/25, and charged with operating while his driving privileges are suspended on Chatsworth Ave.  The vehicle was impounded, and the operator released on an appearance ticket.


Two Bronx men were arrested and charged with operating with a suspended license and unlawful possession of marijuana after Larchmont Police Officers responded to Pryer Lane on multiple reports of a vehicle operating with two flat tires.  Both suspects were released upon the issuance of appearance tickets.





A 34 year-old New Rochelle  man was arrested for waving knife at family members at a private home.  No one was injured.  *** Union Avenue.  November 29



 A 22 year-old New Rochelle man was arrested for criminal possession of two pills of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana, following police observing what appeared to be a drug transaction in a car parked at Lincoln and North Avenues.  November 28



A 19 year-old New Rochelle teen was arrested for unlawful possession of marijuana after police responded to a report of a suspicious car.  Police found men sitting in two cars and detected a strong odor emanating from one car.  15 The Court.  November 28



Police responding to a home alarm discovered the rear storm door open and the interior door damaged.  No apparent entry. 52 Greentree Drive. November 28



A delivery man from Hunlun Chen’s Kitchen, 697 Main Street, was robbed by one man and two women who took $200 cash and a cellphone from the victim.  The victim got out of his car to try to find the correct delivery address and was overpowered by the man, while the women went through his pockets.  The Chinese food was not taken.  Police suspect that the suspects called in the food order.  69 Glencar Avenue.  November 28



A woman reports that a canon powershot camera (value $250) was removed from her purse at a party.  20 Coutant Drive. November 28



New Rochelle resident reports that a weedwhacker (value $400) and a leaf blower (value $700) were removed from a parked 1998  Chevrolet van through an open rear window.  53 Grove Avenue.  November 27


— Maura Fecher Carlin 

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