Police Blotter November 18

Don’t steal the food pantry donations, don’t call your neighbor’s houseguests "suspicious,"

Don’t drive unregistered cars.  Don’t leave the kids alone….  


11/11 – Destruction/Vandalism, 281 Midland Ave –A resident reported that someone had smashed in the front main entrance window at the Damiano Recreation Center.

11/11 – Destruction/Vandalism, 319 Midland Ave – A window at a McDonald’s was smashed by a rock overnight.

11/11 – Larceny, Boston Post Rd and Parsons St. – A woman left her Orbea mountain bike at Rye High school on Friday; when she returned on Sunday to pick it up, it was gone.

11/11 – Suspicious Activity, 261 Midland Ave – A woman reported that her house doorbell rang in the late evening, but when she went to see who it was through the peephole, there was nobody there.  She eventually opened the door and saw a car backing out of her driveway.  She did not see the license plate number on the car, but did tell the police that the car looked like a blue SUV.

11/14 – Suspicious Person, Boston Post Rd and Old Post Rd – A caller reported that her daughter was approached by a man in an ambulance and told to get in.  When she refused, the ambulance drove down the street, made a U-turn, and approached her again.  When she refused a second time, the man persisted, and she threatened to call the police.  At that time the ambulance driver promptly left the area.  The driver was described as a white male with a buzz cut and black hair who was wearing a blue jacket. 

11/15 – Theft From a Building, 330 Boston Post Rd.  A woman who arrived to perform at a wedding ceremony at 6pm left her coat in the vestibule of the south front entrance; when she returned the coat was gone.


11/9 – Property Found, 858 Scarsdale Ave – An American Express card was found in the parking lot of Body Fitness and turned over to police.

11/9 – Assistance Rendered, *** Popham Rd – Patrol responded to a resident who had locked her keys in her vehicle along with her two baby children.  The resident was calmed down by officers as Heathcote Exxon made its way to the scene.  A serviceman was able to unlock the car without causing any damage to the vehicle.  The two children inside were reported to be in good condition. 

11/9 – Suspicious Activity, 48 Meadow Rd – Police received call that there was an unknown black male in front of the stated address who was “acting in a suspicious manner.”  Patrol arrived on the scene and talked to the owner of the house, who said that several people, including the character in question, were staying with him for a few days and that all was in good order.   

11/11 – Assistance Rendered, *** Black Birch Ln – A resident requested assistance, as he had just locked himself out of his residence, with his two-year old daughter still inside.  Patrol quickly made its way to the stated address and gained entry to the house by removing a rear basement window.  The child was said to be in good condition when the house was entered.

11/14 – Suspicious Activity, 1 Chateaux Cir – Police were called by a resident who stated that when she was in her bedroom, she heard a noise coming from the front door of her apartment.  When she went to go check it, the door had signs of forced entry, but no one was seen on the premises.  Patrol arrived at her abode and checked the entire apartment complex before deeming everything secure.  The resident was told to make sure she had a good security system and to call back if it happened again.

11/15 – Suspicious Activity, 50 Greendale Rd – A caller reported that a black van had pulled into his driveway and parked. When patrol arrived the vehicle had already driven off and police were unable to locate it.

— Ricci Dipshan


Town of Mamaroneck

11/12 – 1375 Boston Post Road, Assault in the Third – Police received a phone call from an IHOP employee about a dispute between an employee and a patron of the restaurant.  After some sort of verbal dispute, the male patron kicked the female employee in the shin.  The man was arrested and charged with assault, and the woman suffered a laceration and bruise on her shin.

11/14 – 1326 Boston Post Road, Petit Larceny – A Stop & Shop employee noticed an unidentified male exit the location with a shopping cart full of unpaid-for baby formula.  When the employee approached the man outside of the store, he fled the scene. 


Village of Mamaroneck


11/12 – Halstead Avenue, Fight in Progress – Responding to reports of a fight, police arrived to find an argument taking place between a father age 48, and his daughter’s boyfriend, age 18.  There was some pushing and shoving involved by both parties, but both declined to press charges.

11/12 – 1600 Harrison Avenue, Larceny – A doctor reported that he had been contacted by two pharmacies – one in New York and one in Hopewell Junction – to verify prescriptions that had been written on his prescription pad.  As the doctor had not written the prescriptions in question, he was reporting the pads stolen from either his private or hospital.  The Department of Health is following up with an investigation.

11/13 – 121 Fenimore Road, Larceny – A man reported that his debit card had been used in several locations outside of the Village of Mamaroneck for unauthorized purchases.  He has only one copy of the card, which he maintains in his possession. 

11/13 – 808 Palmer Avenue, Criminal Mischief – An employee and a patron were having an argument over the bill, and the patron slammed the receiver of the phone down, rendering it unusable.  However, the employee declined to press charges.

11/14 – 827 Carpenter Place, Criminal Mischief – After hearing a loud noise, the owners of a 2008 Buick went outside and observed a large dent in the quarter panel of their vehicle, and a large metal trashcan, property of MHS, turned over next to the vehicle.  There are no suspects.

11/14 – 823 Stuart Avenue, Landlord/Tenant Dispute – The complainant is a tenant in these apartments and believes that the landlord has been entering her apartment and taking food and bottles of alcohol.  The complainant also believes that the landlord is tampering with her mail, including opening a package and pouring water onto other mail.  The complainant also believes that the landlord entered her apartment in the morning on 11/14 and poured tomato sauce all over the counter and the floor of the apartment. 

11/14 – 135 Center Avenue, Suspicious Person – Upon hearing a third party report that there was a man on Center Ave with a knife and a possible fight, police canvassed the area and found that there was no man with a knife and no witnesses to such an event. 

11/14 – 653 Mamaroneck Avenue, Trespass – A man reported that he entered his apartment complex to find two unidentified males drinking beer and urinating in the lobby of the apartment.  He did not want to press charges, but he wanted the individuals to leave the building and never come back.

11/15 – 921 Old Post Road, Criminal Mischief – Between Friday 11/13 at 4 pm and Sunday 11/15 at 3 pm, a woman left her 2008 Honda parked outside her residence, and observed that during this time period, someone had made two large key marks on the driver door of the vehicle. 

11/15 – 132 West Boston Post Road, Dispute/Arrest – Police arrived at the location in response to reports of a dispute, but the area was clear.  A little while later, the landlord called saying that the person who caused the dispute had returned, and that he had an active order of protection against her and she was not permitted to enter his property.  Police placed the 45 year old female under arrest.

11/16 – 623 Mamaroneck Avenue, Criminal Mischief  – Complainant reported that all four tires of his 1996 Audi were flat and had been punctured, while parked overnight outside this address.        

— Julia Sobel




A Mamaroneck Town man was arrested on 11/7, and charged with operating with a suspended registration and a suspended license on Chatsworth Ave.  The vehicle was impounded, and the operator released $100 bail.


A Scarsdale woman was arrested on 11/7, and charged with operating with a suspended registration on Chatsworth Ave.  The vehicle was impounded, and the operator released on an appearance ticket.


A Hall Ave resident reported on 11/8 that someone forcibly entered his residence while it was unoccupied and removed valuables.


Staff at St. Augustine’s Church reported on 11/10 that a male entered the location and removed food intended for a NYC food bank.


A Mamaroneck Village woman was arrested on 11/10, and charged with operating with a suspended license on Larchmont Ave.  The vehicle was towed, and the operator released on an appearance ticket.


A scofflaw vehicle with $400 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from Palmer Ave on 11/12.


A Port Chester man was arrested on 11/12, and charged with operating with a suspended registration on Summit Ave.  The vehicle was impounded, and the operator released on an appearance ticket.


A Mamaroneck Town resident reported on 11/13 that sometime during the day someone stole his bicycle, valued at $500, from Lot 1.

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