Police Blotter October 14

Mis- identification, mischief, marijuana . . .    in motor vehicles . . . 



10/10 – Theft from a Building, 330 Boston Post Road – A jacket and a purse were stolen from a female attending a party at the stated address.  Police quickly arrived on the scene, but could find not witnesses or suspects.

10/10 – Assault, Purchase St and Liberty Ln – A resident was hit by a cup filled with a rock and an unknown liquid at the intersection of the stated address.   The victim did not know the source of the attack, as  he saw neither people nor vehicles in the vicinity.   Police suspect the assailant(s) fled after hurling the cup.

10/9 – Criminal Mischief, Roosevelt High School, Parsons St – The head of security at Roosevelt High school reported broken the windows to the coaches office in the school locker room.  Before the windows were broken, the high school football team was in the locker room, so all players are being questioned.

10/11 – Criminal Mischief, 40 Coolidge Rd – A resident saw a group of rowdy youths running past his house and became alarmed when one jumped on top of his car and ran off. The resident promptly called the authorities and stated that his front hood and rear trunk had been damaged.

10/11 –Larceny, ***Theall Rd – A purse was stolen from a resident’s unlocked car which was parked overnight in front of her home.



10/6 – Suspicious Activity, 40 Greenacres Ave –  A resident called police to file a complaint  against a woman who came to her house earlier in the day and who referred to herself as “Wendy.”  The resident grew suspicious of this woman when she asked to speak to the resident’s husband, but would not say what it was regarding.  Wendy went on to say that an unknown person was paying her to deliver a message, and it must be done personally.  The resident advised Wendy that her husband was at work and would be home later on in the day.  Wendy declined to wait in the house and promptly left the area.  The resident was able to write down Wendy’s license plate number before she left and handed over to police for verification purposes.  The police said everything appeared to be in order, but that the resident should call if Wendy ever returns to her home.

10/7 – Suspicious Activity, 30 Palmer Ave – A caller reported seeing a bald male with a stocky build and a goatee, wearing a red sweatshirt, exit from the woods along Palmer Rd, near Innes Rd, and re-enter the woods shortly thereafter.  Police canvassed the woods but could not find the man.

10/8 – Suspicious Activity, 1 Hutchinson Ave – A caller reported a suspicious man, 40 to 50 years old, in the Weaver St/ Hutchinson Ave area, walking around in a disorientated fashion while talking to himself.  When police approached the man, he stated that he was currently homeless.  Police ascertained that his last known address was in Gainesville, Florida.  The man reported to be in no mental or physical distress and requested transport to a homeless shelter.

10/10 – Disorderly Conduct, 35 Eton Road – A large group of youth were throwing and plastic bottles at passing cars while walking alongside the roadway. Patrol stopped them and warned them not to impede on traffic.  

10/11 – Larceny, 70 Griffin Ave – A woman came home to find her mailbox missing.  The post was still planted firmly on the ground, but the mailbox itself was gone.

— Ricci Dipshan



Once again, the car thief is on the loose.  On October 7th, the area in Larchmont around the Brook and Murray Avenue School was attacked, resulting in the loss of at least 5 GPS systems (it’s a battle between the Magellin and the Garmin for most sought-after GPS), one iPhone, and two ipods.  My advice?  LOCK YOUR CARS!!!  And, if you happen to have a burglar alarm on your car, turn it on.  Otherwise, your stuff IS going to be stolen and there is probably ZERO chance that you will get it back. 

Melbourne Street in Mamaroneck also was attacked this week, but not by car thieves.  Instead, based on the evidence, I would venture that a group of baseball-bat happy teenagers went for a little joyride down Melbourne, as there are five different reports of “criminal mischief” occurring during the same time period, most of which concerned damaged street signs, mailboxes, and front lawn property. 

Now for the specific incidents:

10/09 – 9 Homer Avenue, Burglary – After returning home from the holiday weekend, a family discovered that their house had been broken into and over $1,000 worth of jewelry was reported missing, including gold chains, a pearl necklace, and a gold watch with rubies. 

10/11– 60 Cooper Lane, Burglary 2nd Degree –A family returned home from the weekend away to find that an Apple Macbook worth $1500, a pair of ruby earrings and a pair of sapphire ones valued at $2,000, and five rings valued at $5,000 each had been stolen from their home. 

10/11 – 8 Byron Lane, Burglary 2nd Degree – After returning home, the homeowner discovered that a Toshiba laptop valued at $3,000 was missing from the home. 

10/12 – 1435 Boston Post Road, Grand Larceny – After being closed for Columbus Day, workers returned to the Lexus dealership on the Boston Post Rd. to find that a gray Lexus LX570 SUV (value $82,910 ) had been stolen from the dealer’s lot. 

— Julia Sobel




A quick-acting off-duty detective foiled a drug deal and arrested the alleged prospective buyer and seller, 26 year old men from Harrison and the Bronx, respectively, in a case arising from mistaken vehicle identity.  While at a service station with his personal vehicle, New Rochelle Detective Christopher Greco was approached by a man who, mistaking the detective for a drug dealer, tried to buy $100 worth of cocaine from him.  Detective Greco then saw a car similar to his at the station, took the money and went with the prospective buyer to the other car and determined that the occupant was the dealer.  He purchased one-eighth of an ounce of cocaine with the $100 and found the alleged dealer had nine additional bags of cocaine as well as 7 bags of marijuana.  Both men were arrested.  71 Huguenot Street.  October 10


A 46 year old New Rochelle man was arrested for criminal possession of stolen property after a police officer on patrol saw the man walking on North Avenue with three Conair flatirons.  The suspect was known to the officer as a shoplifter,  so she stopped him to investigate.  The suspect then fled by foot and was picked up shortly thereafter.  Further investigation revealed that the flatirons were taken from CVS at 309 Main Street.  North Avenue and Morris Street.  October 10


A New Rochelle 16 year old was arrested for possession of a stolen 1995 Toyota Camry, as well as possession of marijuana and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.  A police officer on patrol observed the vehicle parked and running in the Sickles Avenue parking lot.  As the officer approached, he saw a cloud of smoke and smelled the strong odor of what is known to him to be marijuana.  He also sees a partially smoked marijuana cigarette.   The vehicle is registered to a third party – a relative of one of the car occupants who did not know that the car had been taken by her relative.  October 11


A 28 year old man was arrested for failing to pay the $85 taxi fare from Stamford, CT and for resisting arrest.  69 Stephenson Boulevard.  October 11



A 19 year old student at Monroe College reports that when she returned to her first floor dormitory room, she found the bedroom window pushed in and the bed moved away from the window.  Nothing appeared to be missing.  348 Main Street.  October 12

Resident reports that someone broke in through kitchen door and ransacked the bedroom, taking unspecified jewelry.  8 Rosedale Avenue.  October 10


Ashley Furniture and Halloween City report overnight break-ins through holes cut in back of stores.  Missing from Ashley Furniture are drop safe with $800 cash and 32” flat screen television.  Missing from Halloween City is $501 cash from a safe found open.  70 and 80 Nardozzi Place.  October 10


Resident reports registration and insurance cards and Garmin GPS ($250 value) missing from 2007 Honda left unlocked in driveway.  ***Harmon Ave.  October 9



A Monroe Ave resident reported on October 3rd that sometime during the overnight hours someone removed the house numbers from the front of his house.


Employees of Citibank on Palmer Ave reported coming to work on October 5th and discovering graffiti on the rear exterior wall of the building.


A Elm Ave resident reported on 10/6 that she had received harassing telephone calls the previous evening.


A 27 year old Mamaroneck Village resident was arrested on 10/8 after Larchmont Police officers responded to a call of a disorderly, intoxicated man. 


— Maura Fecher Carlin 

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