Police Blotter October 28

Preschooler home alone,  Craig’s list hooks another and cab from the crime . . . 




10/21 Larceny, Station Plaza –  Resident left his bike locked on the bike rack in station plaza a week ago, and when he returned he found it to be missing.

10/23 Criminal Mischief, 46 Orchard Dr  – A 2009 VW Bug keyed sometime overnight.  The car was a rental, just picked up that morning.

10/23  Larceny, 35 Apawamis Ave – A teenager reports cell phone stolen at Rye High School. Victim states that an unknown subject made unauthorized phone calls and downloads on it before he called his service provider.

10/24  Larceny, *** High St and Maple Ave – Resident reported that someone stole over $40,000 from his mother’s bank account.  He noticed that the money was missing when he went through his mother’s finances last month.  While there are no suspects at this current time, the bank has been notified and is working with police to find out who had access to her account.


10/20  Suspicious Activity, 5 Highland Way – A resident called the Police department to report a suspicious woman who came to her door asking for 12 dollars.  She claimed she needed the money because her son had a car accident just a few blocks away.  She also told the resident that she worked for a family that lives on the Post Road, whose children attend Greenacres School.  When the resident told her that she did not have the $12, the woman left her premises in a dark colored Sedan.  Patrol advised the resident to lock all her doors and enable her security system in case the solicitor was staking out the house for a future burglary.

10/21  – Assistance Rendered,  1655 Greenfield Ave – A woman called the police after her 22 month old daughter became locked in her car.  When the woman was exiting her vehicle, the car alarm accidently went off and automatically locked the toddler inside with the keys.  The child was in her safety chair and in no immediate danger.  Patrol called the Gulf service station near by, and a mechanic was able to unlock the vehicle without damage.

10/21  Suspicious Activity, 1 Christie Pl –  A security guard at Christie’s Place complex and parking garage reported that a male wearing a blue hoodie was walking around the bottom level of the garage looking into cars.  He also looked into the portion of the garage that was barred off by a green mesh gate before walking towards the stairwell/elevator and leaving the scene.

10/23  Attempt Theft of Service, Scarsdale Train Station – A man on a northbound train refused to pay his fare when confronted by a MTA conductor.  The police arrived promptly on the scene and the man acquiesced, paying his fair in full.

 10/26 Suspicious Activity, 3 Rock Meadow Ln – A caller reported that a suspicious male was taking pictures of her house.  When approached, the subject claimed that he was just walking by,  unusual since he was at the end of a cul de sac.    As the resident went in to phone the police, the subject left the neighborhood without being noticed.  Patrol scanned the area soon after, but found no one fitting the description. 

— Ricci Dipshan



Craig’s List ad leads to arrest of 30 year old New Rochelle woman for prostitution.  The online ad offered sexual services for $100.  309 North Avenue.  October 23

A 19 year old Mount Vernon man arrested for two New Rochelle robberies in one day.  Suspect first followed a 24 year old female Monroe College student, called to her to surrender her phone,  then grabbed the phone.  Suspect and victim struggled until suspect punched her and ran off with phone.  Approximately two hours later, three New Rochelle young men, ages 20, 15 and 14, were confronted by a man with his hand in jacket implying a weapon, which he threatened to use if the victims didn’t surrender their belongings.  Suspect left with $10 cash, sidekick phone,  blackberry and ipod.  Police then contacted local taxi companies with description of suspect, who was found in a cab at Washington Avenue with the missing items.  5 Clinton Place and 255 Huguenot Street.  October 24

A 20 year old New Rochelle man arrested for attempting to steal a mini motor bike chained to front porch of home.  The homeowner saw two men trying to steal the bike, who took off when confronted but after cutting the security chain.  To date, only one suspect arrested.   55 Beechwood Avenue.  October 24

40-50 people fighting in street near New Roc City around midnight.  Two 17 year old New Rochelle men were arrested.  50 LeCount Place.  October 25

20 year old expelled Monroe College student from Staten Island arrested for being in school dormitory.  5 Franklin Avenue.  October 25

27 year old New Rochelle father arrested for leaving four year old son home alone in apartment while he went to pick up wife from work.  Discovered when inspector knocked on apartment door and child answered. 

Unspecified items taken from A&P supermarket by suspect who fled in champagne-colored Toyota.  366 Pelham Road.  October 25, 2009

Resident reports returning home to find front door and windows to apartment open.  Missing black leather coat, green comforter and three playstation games.  No sign of forced entry.  3 Allard Avenue.  October 25, 2009

85 year old resident preparing to move from his home of 30 years found loaded shotgun in basement crawl space.  47 Mulberry Lane.  October 25

Resident returned home to find living room window open and house ransacked.  Missing $20,000 worth of jewelry and $15,000 of camera equipment.  27 Albert Place.  October 24

2001 Honda Civic disappeared overnight from 70 Davenport Avenue.  When police arrived to investigate, they discovered 7 cars with drivers side tires slashed, also on Davenport Avenue.  October 24

Resident returned home to find rear door pried open and unknown quantity of jewelry missing.  93 Paine Avenue.  October 23


A West Ave resident reported on 10/17 that sometime during the previous two days, someone had damaged one of the front tires on her vehicle.

A Prospect Ave resident reported on 10/17 that the previous day someone entered and removed a bicycle, valued at $700, from an open garage.

A Bayard Street resident reported on 10/19 that he discovered a fraudulent check had been deposited into his Wachovia account, and that a withdrawal had been made in the amount of $3500.

Six people arrested between October 20 and 22 for operating vehicles with suspended registration.  All cars were impounded.  


A New Rochelle woman reported on 10/20 that sometime the previous day someone stole her bicycle, valued at $400, from Lot 3.

A New Rochelle woman reported on 10/21 that sometime the day someone stole her husbandâ•’s bicycle, valued at $1500, from Lot 3.


— Maura Fecher Carlin


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