Police Blotter October 7

Feuding neighbors, canines in custody, theft from cars . . . 


9/28  Suspicious Activity, *** Montrose Rd.  Resident reported that a man and a woman were posing as members of the Scarsdale Police Department.  The pair knocked on the resident’s door, identified themselves as police, and said that they heard someone screaming coming from within.  The resident advised that it was just his son singing, and closed the door without further conversation.  The resident was suspicious as both were people were out of uniform and the only thing that identified them as police was a NYPD baseball cap that the male was wearing at the time of the incident.   Patrol scanned the area and advised other officers to keep an eye out for these two people.  To date, police have no suspects. 

 9/29  Harassment, *** Rock Creek Ln.   Police responded to a call by a resident who said that he felt threatened by his neighbor.  The resident had had an argument with his neighbor’s wife ten days prior over a vehicle operation issue.  The argument became heated, with reports of yelling, but ended without incident.  However, on 9/29, when the resident came home from work, he was approached by his neighbor who was upset over the earlier argument.  The resident reported feeling threatened by his neighbor and became concerned for his family’s safety.  He quickly phoned the police and asked them to meditate between the two families and advise them to break off all communication with each other.  Patrol reported back that the neighbors agreed to such provisions, and no additional police service was needed.

 9/30   Suspicious Activity, 50 Barry Rd.  Police were called to investigate a white van at the dead end of Barry Road.  A resident of the street saw two unidentified subjects exit the van and walk around with a flashlight.  When patrol arrived, the van was gone, and the subjects were assumed to have left in it. This is the third report in a week of a suspicious white van.  The first time was 9/26, when a resident reported that the vehicle had been parked for several hours in front of a house on Montrose Road.  When police arrived, the van was gone, and it was difficult to search for it as there were many cars parked on the street due to a nearby party.   The  van was spotted for a second time 9/28 on Forest Ln when a caller reported that a van was driving around the area.  Again the van was gone when police officers arrived, and they failed to find it on a search of the surrounding area.  The van’s license plate remains unknown by authorities, but police are keeping their eyes open for this mysterious vehicle.


 9/30  Domestic Dispute/Injured Police Officer.   An officer responded to a report of domestic abuse by a resident’s girlfriend.  When he arrived on the scene, a fight was in progress, and in trying to break it up, he suffered a laceration on his forearm.  No serious medical attention was needed, and the disputing parties both declined to press charges.

 9/30  Theft from Building, 200 Forest Ave.  A back pack leaf blower was reported taken from a shed between the hours of 7pm and 9 pm.

 10/3  Larceny, Station Plaza.  A Grand brand mountain bicycle reported stolen from the train station in the early morning.

 10/4  Disorderly Conduct, 336 Midland Ave and High St North.  Two youths were seen breaking a Snapple bottle on the road.  When the police confronted them, they stated it was no big deal.  When police told them they could face charges, they promptly cleaned up the broken glass.

 10/5  Theft from Building, *** Drake Smith Ln.   The executor of the estate at this address reported that a new house boiler was stolen from the garage.

 — Ricci Dipshan



10/01 – 946 E. Boston Post Rd, Theft of Services/Larceny – After filling up the tank of a tan Nissan altima with $47 of gas, male customer’s credit card was declined.  He claimed that he would return later and pay the attendant, but he did not. 

10/01 – 301 Hornridge Road, Youth Complaint – After receiving a complaint about a group of youths congregated in front of the above location, which is a dead end street, a police officer arrived and told them not to hang out in that spot anymore. The officer then drove by several hours later to find that two of the youths, with whom the police are already familiar, had returned to the location.

10/02 – East Boston Post Road, Animal Complaint – Caller reports observing two unleashed dogs in the area.  Officers located the dogs and brought them into headquarters to await action from the New Rochelle Humane Society.

10/02 – 3rd Street, Stolen Vehicle – A man parked his 2007 Kawasaki motorcycle and went to work between the hours of 6:30pm and 8:25 pm, and when he returned, the motorcycle was missing.  Investigation to continue.

10/02 – Halstead Avenue, Exposure – Man arrested for public urination and indecent exposure.

10/03 – Mamaroneck Avenue, Arrest – A man was stopped after failing to signal for a turn, and it was discovered that his license had previously been revoked. He was arrested, his car was impounded, and his dog who was in the car was taken into HQ and handed over to the humane society.

10/03 – Mt. Pleasant Avenue, DWI – A police officer was passing a vehicle with high-beams lights on.   The officer flashed his lights at the car to turn off brights, but when driver did not, the officer pulled over the car.   The officer smelled alcohol and the man was arrested for  DWI and for refusing to take a sobriety test. 

10/03 – *** Mamaroneck Ave, Assault in the Second Degree– After a dispute between two roommates about using a cellphone, one roommate stabbed the other in the forearm and the back.  After reports of the stabbing, police officers went to the area to find a man bleeding.  He was taking to the hospital and a little later the assailant was identified and apprehended, and is now in custody for a felony assault. 

10/04 – *** New St, Youth Complaint – A caller reports children on the roof of a house.  Officer finds out that these children are trying to retrieve an item that accidentally landed on the roof, and the kids were turned over to an adult. 

10/05 – *** Harrison Ave, Petit Larceny – A woman reports that the rock with her house number, a bird cage, and a green planter were stolen from her front lawn.

10/05 – Harbor Island, Dispute – Two people called in to complain about a verbal argument about ownership of a boat.  Both were referred to civil court. 

10/05 – Harbor Island, 911 call – 911 call about a woman unconscious in Harbor Island.  EMS was called and she was escorted to a hospital.

10/05 – 315 Mamaroneck Ave, Dispute – The same people who argued last week over an owner’s dog’s collar being too loose once again bumped into each other while walking their dogs, and got into a heated verbal argument again this week.  

10/05 – Mt. Pleasant Ave, Drunk Driver – After a police officer observed a vehicle parked in the middle of the street, he stopped the driver and smelled alcohol.  The person agreed to take the field sobriety test, but failed, and was also driving with a suspended license.  He was charged with two counts of DWI and aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle.

10/06 – An unidentified person was sleeping on the street with a blanket at the intersection of Bishop Ave and Maple Ave.




 9/29  130 Hommocks Road, Petit Larceny.   LG cellphone and $25.00 in cash were removed from a car parked in the Hommocks Parking Lot.

 10/02  1310 Boston Post Road, Petit Larceny.  A caller from CVS Pharmacy reported a suspicious individual attempted to leave the store without paying for a number of items.  The individual was apprehended by police in front of the VFW on the Boston Post Rd, and was not in possession of goods from CVS, but he was wearing a coat that had been stolen from The Gap and was taken into custody.

 10/05  17 Bonnie Way, Leaving the Scene of Auto Accident.   Man reports seeing a 4-door grey sedan crash into a neighbor’s car and drive away.  There was noticeable damage done to the front fender and driver’s side door. 

 — Julia Sobel



A 29 year old New Rochelle woman was arrested for prostitution following police investigation into an ad placed on the internet site Twitter.  The suspect also was charged with criminal possession of the drug ecstasy.  100 Pelham Road.  October 3


A 29 year old New Rochelle man was arrested for possession of a clear plastic bag of white powder appearing to be cocaine and a brown bag containing several clear bags of crack cocaine.  Police responding to a report of a man with gun and crack found a man fitting description walking away from a vehicle but without any of the items.  Upon questioning of people in car, found suspect with the above items as well as a brown rolled-up marijuana cigarette.   Horton Avenue.  October 3


A 24 year old New Rochelle man was arrested for breaking the entrance access arm at one of the Sound Shore Medical Center parking lots.  81 Guion Place.  October 4


2006 Penske International truck reported missing from rental truck lot.  20 Garden Street.  October 4


A 16 year old Thornwood resident reports that the following items were taken from her 2002 Volvo parked in The Ursuline School parking lot on October 3:  Toshiba laptop ($3000 value), cell phone, ipod and $20 cash.  There was no evidence of break-in.  1354 North Avenue.  October 4


A 13 year old New Rochelle boy reports his cell phone missing from his book bag in New Rochelle High School lunchroom on October 2.  265 Clove Road.  October 4


Weedwhacker (value $165) reported missing.  21 Division Street.  October 4




A Palmer Ave resident reported tools valued in excess of $1400 missing from his vehicle parked overnight in Lot 10.  September 27


A Manor Lane resident reported his bicycle ($1000 value) stolen from the bicycle rack on Railroad Way.  September 28


A Shore Drive resident reported receiving hang-up telephone calls at various times of the day.  September 29


An Addison Street business owner reported receiving and responding to an e-mail request, purportedly from AOL, for personal information. Later that day she discovered that unauthorized transactions in excess of $1200, were posted from Switzerland on her credit card account.  September 29


A Mamaroneck Village resident reported his bicycle ($354 value) stolen from the bicycle rack on Railroad Way.  September 30


A Mamaroneck Town resident reported his bicycle ($300  value) stolen from the bicycle rack in Lot 3.  October 2


— Maura Carlin

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