1. Rani Mahal for fine Indian fare in Mamaroneck. Nan Peshwari, yummmmm. Full bar. Sumptuous lunch buffet is $9.99 bargain. Great service from kid- friendly staff. Handsome decor. Easier parking at main entrance stairs/ramp, “behind” Mamk. Ave., across from Mamaroneck River. No, I don’t own it; just frequent diner. 😀

  2. Rani Mahal is by far the best Indian restaurant in westchester and I have been to them all!
    Try this place (behind the Mamaroneck movie theatre)- their dosa- something that you rarely find around, is the best. The Aloo Gobbi Palek is fabulous and the food overall and service is something everyone should know about. Try it – you’ll be impressed.

  3. “The food is especially good today,” I said to the waiter there a few days ago, and I meant it–I wasn’t even trying to make up for the argument we’d had a few months ago, when they’d refused to honor a coupon that said nothing about its applying to dinner only. Apparently, they are in an ongoing dispute with the coupon publisher. OK, whatever. My husband eats there every week, and we’ve both noticed the quality getting consistently higher until it’s become one of the best Indian restaurants around. They’ve been very tolerant of our daughter as she (ahem) works on her restaurant manners, so I guess all is forgiven.

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