Rash of Burglaries in Mamk Town

Several homes have been burglarized in the Town of Mamaroneck over



the last few weeks, residents and police say, particularly in the Larchmont Gardens neighborhood and in areas on the other side of Weaver Street (Rt. 125).

Most of the break-ins have occurred in the early evening when nobody was home, and in most cases in homes without alarms. Police believe the burglars knock on the door first, and then enter the houses when they are sure no one is inside. Among the items that have been reported stolen are jewelry, laptop computers, small electronics and a small safe.

Lt. T.J. McDermott tells theLoop there have been "at least 10" of these crimes over the last few months with no suspects. A similar rash of burglaries is occuring in Rye, he said, and "we are comparing notes."

 Police suggest residents set alarms, making sure lights are left on, and not to ignore a knock at the door or a doorbell ring.  If the visitor someone you don’t recognize, they suggest calling the police immediately. 

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