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With holiday gift giving looming, local authors can make it easy on us. There is now an array of locally authored books for a variety of ages and interests. 





·      Take a look at what’s out there…and if you know a good one we haven’t covered, please leave a comment below. (In some cases we have linked to Amazon so that you can read more, but most of these are available at Andersons Books in Larchmont.)


One of Eleven by Larchmont’s Jerry Forristal. Very readable and poignant memoir about growing up as one of 11 kids in a poor Kansas family.

When the Getting Was Good by Susan G. Bell. The Larchmont author’s fictitious story of a female trader and her experiences with the woes of Wall Street.

Full of Grace:Encountering Mary in Faith, Art and Life by Judith DuPre. A new twist on the fascinating subject by the Mamaroneck writer.

Bloodthirsty  by Flynn Meaney. The Mamaroneck writer’s parody on the recent rash of vampire novels for teens.

Stop Overreacting: Effective Strategies for Calming Your Emotions by Judith Siegel. The Mamaroneck therapist helps you get a grip.

Take Your Eye Off the Ball: How to Watch Football by Knowing Where to Look by Pat Kirwin and David Seigerman. The couch potato’s bible from Larchmont’s Seigerman.

Blood on My Hands (Wish You Were Dead triology) by Todd Strasser. A young adult’s murder mystery to die for by the Larchmont writer.

The Decorative Carpet by Alix Perrachon. The Larchmont author’s expert exploration of decorative carpets.



  1. I think it is Todd Strasser…

    reporter thank u for the correction! Sorry, Todd…

  2. Anderson should have my new book – Stop Overreacting! New insights about emotional overreactions and how to avoid them.

  3. A great addition to this list: GRAND CENTRAL WINTER Stories from The Street by Mamaroneck’s Lee Stringer. Memoir of his struggle with drugs, a homeless life, and how writing saved his life. In the tunnels below Grand Central Terminal, Lee Stringer — homeless and drug-addicted over the course of eleven years — found a pencil to run through his crack pipe. One day, he used it to write. Nominated for the QPB New Visions Award.

  4. Can I also mention Larchmonter Jodi Kahn’s terrific, fun book of easy-to-make gifts–Simply Sublime Gifts? Great for teens, crafters, or clever and pretty ideas to make yourself.
    And in a shameless bit of self-promotion, the gorgeous new book I wrote with Alexa Hampton–The Language of Interior Design–is just out as well. Beautiful and coffee-table (and gift)-worthy, but also lots of great decorating insight and ideas.

  5. You could order my book, Cybill in Between, on Amazon, in either print or audio, if you like a hot love story. It’s about a suburban divorcee who’s in love with two men at once: a scientist who gives her a midlife erotic education and a gentle songwriter, younger and sweeter. Who will she marry?

  6. NO Authors from Mamaroneck???

  7. Actually we have three Mamaroneck authors on the list — we love them! Enjoy.

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