Rumorville: Bank Building: Any takers?

One of Larchmont’s most iconic buildings, the 1922 Trust Company of Larchmont, now one of two Chase Manhattan bank branches at the same intersection,













will close Saturday Nov.13 and the branches will consolidate into the newly renovated branch diagonally across the street (124 Chatsworth Avenue.)

But who will move in?

Mayor Josh Mandell says, " We are hoping that someone will snap it up quickly But as of now we haven’t heard anything."

Frank Blasi, Larchmont’s building inspector, says he has not received any inquiries, and raised the possibility "they could keep it as offices" (but was simply speculating.)

What do you think should go there?


A partial timeline of the building:

Trust Company of Larchmont
         1925 Established Trust Company of Larchmont
   02/29/1940 Acquire By Merger Insurance Loan Trust Company
   12/20/1941 Acquire By Merger Yonkers National Bank and Trust Company
   12/20/1941 Name Change To Bank of Westchester, The
   07/30/1947 Merge To State County Trust Company, The
   01/01/1976 Merge To State Bank of New York, The (9/1922-10/1989)
   10/06/1989 Merge To State Irving Trust Company
   10/06/1989 Name Change To Bank of New York, The





  1. I am a high volume CHASE customer. Management has said for more than a year that they will be keeping the building and using it for office space – though I think it would make a great restaurant with candlelight dinners in the vault.

  2. A rumor of Patisserie Salzburg taking the space has made the rounds.

  3. Whatever is done, I hope the historic building exterior and aspects are retained. The Larchmont Historical Society is a resource towards that end.

  4. Chase doesn’t want another bank on that corner (I agree – we certainly don’t need more banks here) and will keep the lease for that reason.

  5. A Larchmont Community Arts Center!!!!!

  6. I was just wondering today what that bank was named in the beginning. Thanks for the informative story.

    It would make a great retail space. Pity the bank will keep it.

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