Rumorville: Five Corners, Cutting Corners…

Dear Editrix: I hear there is going to be a lot of new construction at Five Corners in Scarsdale.

–What’s up?



Dear Up:

It’s possible. It seems the area is ripe for development.

The idea of building a condo and parking deck in the parking lot of Bistro Citron has been shelved for the time being, but now the Planning Board is considering allowing a two story retail building with underground parking where the Citgo station is, diagonally across from Citron, next to Balducci’s. The meeting will be Wednesday, August 5 at 8pm and public comment is invited.




Dear Editrix:

So I walk into the Super Stop and Shop in New Rochelle and a clerk hands me a hand-held scanner and a couple of environmentally unfriendly shopping bags. "Try it!, " he offers. "You’ll be out of here in no time!"

The problem is, it took me twice as long to shop with that thing and I had no idea what to do when I got to the register.  (I Shopped, and I Stopped!) Are they going completely digital and getting rid of the check out people?

–Meet me in Aisle 6


Dear Aisle:


Apparently, we are one of the last markets in the country to get the hand-held scanners…which allow Stop and Shop customers everywhere else to scan and bag as they shop and keep a running total of what they spend.  (You have to have a S/S card and scan that first)  Then there’s that annoying "ka-ching!" sound every once in a while that signals a special deal.  50 cents off Fruit Loops anyone?

When you check out, you point the scanning gun on a code at the register and up pops the total. If you do it right, and you’ve put your stuff in the bags already, one swipe of a credit card and you’re done. No human being required.

(Except for the one who has to stand there and help you figure out what to do.)


  1. they never should have built the NEW VAC there, what a huge building

  2. I absolutely LOVE the S&S self scanners. They have literally changed my life and cut my time spent in the supermarket in half. You can scan your items AND bag as you go and there is never a line at the self check-out. You will be out of there in no time. I highly recommend you give it a second chance, once you get the hang of it you won’t be able to go back to the “old fashioned” way. Trust me!

  3. How do you use the device to weigh items like fruits and veggies?

    editrix: weigh the stuff on the scale as usual, then push a button for a barcode sticker. then scan the barcode sticker.

  4. Yes, but what happens if someone put items into their bags without scanning them…doesn’t the grocery store run a huge risk of lost revenue from people stealing stuff?

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