Rumorville: It’s Good to be Mayor

Yum. Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell hold the very first Red Mango vanilla and red raspberry swirl yogurt cup ever served in Westchester County, USA.











Talk about a great job.

Red Mango , an independently owned and operated healthy yogurt and smoothie franchise will open its doors for business shortly and have a Grand Opening event October 16 at 1924 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont, the old Plaza Too space. The brother-sister team of Tom Bergman (from Long Guyland) and Brandy Benson (who lives in New Rochelle) are the new owners.  The official loop taster was quite impressed!

We told you it was coming…and now the YogoBerry is here in Larchmont, too, on the BPR…

Love at Bella Fiora (1912 Palmer Avenue) is about to add bags, more jewelry and other accessories to their expanded line of great clothes and swimwear…in October.

And in November, Pink on Palmer adds "Clutch" to its portfolio, opening an accessories store in the old Carol Charny space.

Speaking of which…Carol has a great new location up her sleeve that we cannot tell you about yet…all we will say is that it’s not in Larchmont.Stay tuned…




  1. Why has it taken so long to open Red mango? I’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening since the summer and now it’s fall! The drive to YogoJoy in Scarsdale (my current favorite) is killing me!

  2. I think it’s opening Friday. When you look inside you will see why it took a long time, They completely re-did the entire store

  3. Anyone know what’s happening in the old Duane Reade? Looks like there’s some activity there and no For Rent signs anymore…

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