Rumorville: Larchmont’s Soupz Clozed?

Submitted by Loop reader Craig, photographed as someone was scraping the name from the window on Larchmont Avenue. Say it ain’t so.

Staff at the co-owned









eatery Stanz on Chatworth Avenue would have no comment Tuesday.


  1. Walked by there at 1240 and special board was outside. Great place for lunch in fall/winter, but I am not a summer soup person. Too bad it didn’t work out.

  2. “Al Yeganeh, whose nickname was used in a 1995 episode of “Seinfeld,” is reopening his original soup shop store on 55th Street and Eighth Avenue Tuesday.” 😉

  3. If it is true, that’s too bad. The staff was caring and the food was tasty and inventive. I will miss them.

  4. I hear that Soupz will simply be moving in with Stanz. What a nice couple!

  5. Earlier this week as I picked up some soup, I was told they’d probably be gone by the end of the month……

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