Rumorville: Stores Coming to Larchmont?!

The Larchmont Zoning Board is considering an application from Homemade Pizza Co. for the space vacated by










Natural Identity Hair Salon at 1939 Palmer Avenue in Larchmont. These pizzas are pre-made and cooked at home. They need a special permit. The company has had much success in Chicago.

And Palmer Art custom framing studio will move to 141 Larchmont Avenue, former home of Soupz. Come to the grand opening Sept. 8 and get $50 towards your next framing order. Soupz is now merged with its cousin, Stanz over on Chatsworth Avenue, all in Larchmont.


  1. Super stoked about a Homemade Pizza Co! – know them well from Chicago, and their pizzas are really great. You choose your own stuff to put on them, they assemble them, and you take them home to bake. Yum! Let’s hope they get their permit…

  2. There also seems to be a lot of activity at Tung Hoy, Dwayne Reade, and the old doctor’s offices near Alden and BPR…anyone know what’s going on?
    editrix we’ve reported a few times that the Duane Reade will be a Petco. Tung Hoy will again be a temp storefront for Jewish holiday activities. Drs offices? no clue. will check out.

  3. Just curious why framing is always SO expensive? It usually costs more than the picture, print or painting you want framed. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

  4. Regarding New Stores in Larchmont:
    A Wish List to Future Restaurant Entrepreneurs – One Humble Set of Suggestions:

    1. Latino – Cubano, Puerto Rican, Peruvian, Chilean etc. would be nice.
    2. Vegetarian – Euro or Asian Vegetarian or Novelle Vegetarian
    3. A New Fish House – Oyster House and Brain M. we miss you!!!
    4. Asian Variations – Korean, Filipino,Cambodian,Vietnamese
    5. A Small Plate Concept of Some Sort (Gordan Ramsay all the way)
    Just a few suggestions that might work here – we have a very educated and well off population that has traveled a lot. Moreover, a lot people come here from other towns to dine.
    Love to hear other suggestions!?!!

  5. Not sure on this one, but last I drove by, Boater”s World actually has the holiday signage for the jewish holidays. And the manager from Gusano Loco said Tung Hoy is supposed to become another bank!

  6. Tung Hoy = Bank of America Branch

  7. Just a response to Will E with regard to framing. The custom frame price comes from a few different aspects. We first spend time with the client (usually longer than you might think) to put together a frame and matte combination that works for whatever room the image is going into, then we quite literally cut the molding, join the corners, inset the the retaining brackets for the image, mount the image on archival board, cut the matte or mattes if we double matte, all by hand to a specific size, no machines involved. We then custom cut and set the glass, usually non glare museum glass to protect the image from fading. After all the components are ready, we then assemble the frame of course making sure there is no dust inside and finally we seal the back so as to avoid any dust from ever getting in. So there you have in in a nutshell!

  8. thanks for correction on Tung Hoy/Boater’s World. Our readers are so smart!!!!

  9. Why is it taking the Chase Bank on Palmer and Chatsworth so long to renovate one building? This eyesore has been sitting there much too long. I wonder if the village can put pressure on them to get moving!

  10. I would guess the reason Chase bank is taking so long to renovate is that it is a steel and brick building. I am sure when all is said and done it will look nice, the Larchmont zoning, planning and ARB boards are all a pain in the ass, so I am sure they got their penny from Chase.

  11. Speaking of new businesses coming to Palmer Ave, Prodigy Learning Center is relocating to 1989 Palmer Ave (two stores down from the Larchmont movie theater).
    Grand opening will be October 1.

  12. ReCologie is moving in to the space next to Aroma. Is Prodigy taking over ReCologie space? Or Palmer Art space?
    editrix Palmer Art space (1989 Palmer). They have moved to the old Soupz- see our piece in Rumorville

  13. Actually, 1989 Palmer Avenue is the former “Anelle Gandelman Fine Arts”. In any case, it is great to have another storefront filled!

  14. Absolutely pumped for pre-made pizzas you cook at home! Wait, can’t you get these at a supermarket?

  15. Frozen Pizza Lover,
    Yes you can get frozen pizza at the supermarket. You can also get fruits and vegetables at the supermarket, yet there is a fruit and vegetable store in Larchmont. You can buy meat at the supermarket, yet there is a butcher in Larchmont. You can buy cheese at the supermarket, yet there is a cheese store in Larchmont. You can buy coffee at the supermarket, last time I checked there are a couple of coffee shops in Larchmont.
    At least someone is trying something new rather than sit on web sites bashing lack of stores/choice of stores.
    Let us know when you rent out a vacant store front.

  16. Home made Pizza is NOT frozen pizza, its Frest Pizza -just uncooked.
    editrix: if i may jump in here- my understanding is that they assemble the pizza for you, according to what u want on it, and you go home and pop it in the oven.

  17. Given the existence of a good pizza joint in town, the idea of a half-baked (wait … not at all baked) alternative doesn’t seem to make sense. But good luck to them …

  18. Stopped by the new yogurt shop on Boston post and so bummed how dirty it was. No spoons, the worker could care less, plus filthy floor and table. So wanted it to be great!

  19. It’s genius to make the froyo place self-serve – big dishes and lots of kids who can’t control the dispensers well or have eyes bigger than their stomachs (and their parents’ wallets) translate into the treats’ being pretty darn expensive. Genius, that is, until you figure it out …

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