Rumorville: Suspens(ion) Bridge

The Rockland Bridge is open as of June 5….


Dear editrix:

What is the deal with the Rockland Avenue Bridge which was supposed to be closed

for a few weeks last summer but where no sign of any work has appeared and it just remains closed, sort of permanently … I think Metro North owns it (as I believe is the case with all bridges over their tracks) ….. not the Town    Is the secret agenda to just permanently close it, with this being an experiment in how much of a political fuss it might raise or not raise ?

—Chris Bourdain


Dear Chris:


Our  story on this bridge (wanna buy it anyone?) says it will be ready the end of May, 2009.


A note Wednesday (5/27) from Mamaroneck Town Administrator Steve Altieri confirms this, saying,"The Rockland Avenue bridge, according to the MTA is scheduled to re-open by the end of the month."



Dear editrix:


What up with the big, chronically empty Duane Reade building on the Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck?

 — no more banks 




Dear Banks:


Over the last year we have reported on the Audi dealership application that was declined, as well as reports that a Kiddie Gym and a Panera Bread franchise had inquired about the space.

But it still sits there.


According to the Town Administrator:

 "There have been no inquiries to the Town of Mamaroneck regarding the Duane read space in several months.  The last inquiry was from Panera Bread asking about some of our building codes. "



  1. Gah..building code inquiries don’t sound like a firm commitment. Let’s hope the Town was welcoming and Panera didn’t get scared away by a mountain of red tape! Can we find out from Panera somehow, if they’ve made a decision?

    editrix: it’s definitely worth a try! let’s see what they say. watch this space.

    6/2/09: Editrix receives her corporate answer:


    I am sorry to disappoint you, but I was unable to locate this development in the current bakery-openings sheet we have. I will be sure to note this location to our real estate and development team for review.

    We hope you continue to enjoy Panera Bread.

    Customer Comment Coordinator

  2. Remember how long the Town studied rezoning of BPR. Seems it ended up zoned for a white elephant. Long live capitalism and the free market system 😉

    Well hopefully somehow we get to try the Panera Bread market.

  3. [quote][i]What the human eye observes causally and incuriously, the eye of the camera notes with relentless fidelity.[/i] – Berenice Abbott[/quote]

    As it is the end of the month, can theLoop camera resolve our curiousity and suspens(ion) about state of the troubling bridge not over water but Rock(land) 🙂

  4. So, today is June 1st. Is the bridge open?

  5. So I drove past the bridge last night and it is still closed. There is a sign that says “bridge closed May 1 – May _____. Someone put duct tape over the opening date but left in May. Maybe by the start of school next September it will have reopened.

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