Rumorville: Treats? (or Trick?)

update: the name? Sweet Teez…and coming soon….


Candy is dandy (unless you are my 7 year old daughter and it turns you into an alien)…so imagine our delight to hear a candy store may be coming to Larchmont Avenue. Rumor has it the "for rent" sign came down Tuesday morning and they are trying out some paint colors.

This is the space between Groove and the carpet store.

The local owner wants to open a Dylan’s – style sweet shoppe. Or so they say.




  1. I’ve heard the same rumor and from an inside source can confirm that sweets are comin’ our way!!! According to what I know, it’s not going to be your average candy store….This sweet shop is going to have lots of exclusive goodies which will only be available at their store. In addition, I have heard they will stock a great selection of vintage candies, you know, the ones from the 70’s that so many of us used to sugar up on as kids. Beware, you might go in under the guise it’s for “the kids”, but I hear you’ll be buying your old cavity causing favorites as well!!
    editrix: you seem to know an awful lot…

  2. is the name pronounced sweet-TEEZ or SWEET-ies?

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