Rumorville: Wassup, Wasabi?

The last time we were at Matsumoto restaurant on Larchmont Avenue, owner Mardy Cheng told us he was


selling the business and going back to Hong Kong. This, he said, was the result of the bad taste in his mouth over the discrimination lawsuit in which he agreed to settle for $25,000. He said he planned to sell to another Japanese restaurant.

As of Friday afternoon, it appears that’s what has happened. Enter: Wasabi.


  1. I miss Matsumoto. I ordered from the new ‘Wasabi’. The delivery was great but the quality of the food was not the same.

  2. I hope they succeed, but that spot is jinxed!

  3. I still cannot believe that the people of Larchmont would allow our own local residents to “Shake Down” a local merchant who was trying to make a living. Does anyone really believe he was guilty of discrimination??!! I find the entire course of events to be beyond my comprehension. The people involved should all leave town as well, we don’t want people like you around here…lawyer included!

  4. Just ordered from Wasabi last night, remembering how good the food was from Matsumoto…The food was awful and expensive. They also delivered our complete order incomplete and incorrect. When I called to ask them to send the correct food they asked for the shrimp dish back saying since I was not going to eat it I should give it back. What were they going to do with it??!! The response from the young woman on the phone: “You get what you pay for”

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