Rumorville: Wine for Larchmont, Crawlers for Mamaroneck, Closing in Rye

Larchmont may soon (this summer) have a wine bar. Larchmont Wine Lounge LLC, who we reported back in November


was looking at the PlazaToo space before even employees there were told the store was closing appear to have settled on the olf "Curves" exercise studio space at 2098 Boston Post Road.

"We settled yesterday and now can start the application process, so fingers crossed that we can get all the approvals from this point on," says one of the principals there.


Speaking of Plaza Too, we understand their Rye store may also be closing soon.


And in Mamaroneck, the old 1-800 Mattress store space on the Boston Post Road (next to Starbucks) will soon sport a "My Gym" kiddie gym. Right next to that, where the Foot Locker closed recently, is rumored to become a Verizon store.


  1. I know a lot of my friends in Larchmont are excited about the idea of a wine bar coming. We’ve all got our fingers crossed they’ll do it right — and cater to the still (relatively) hip ex-NYC transplants (think Greenwich village, Lower East side — Bar Veloce….).

  2. A kiddie gym and Verizon store?! Like parking isn’t enough of a problem most days at Starbucks between the coffee crowd and the student parking creep that now eats up a good third of the spaces most days. The kid gym should have taken Duane Reade’s space – lots of parking and room to tumble and run. And Verizon?! Why do we need (another) useless telephone store?! Just hope that at least there are some PT jobs at both for the MHS students….

  3. The rumors are TRUE!! My Gym is coming to town. We are very excited. One of the reasons we took so long was our insistence with the landlord that they fix the parking problem. We hope they don’t have to, but the landlord will start towing cars illegally parked after warnings have been placed on cars from the near by adult gym and high school. We are confident the parking problem will subside because on days when school is closed (this week) there is no issue at all. They will also be re-paving and re-striping the entire lot in the spring.

    Now for a quick plug…

    We offer a noncompetitive, innovative program for children 6 weeks to 13 years of age. Children attend classes on a weekly basis. Each week, when youngsters enter our brightly colored facility, they find a completely new setup of our custom made equipment and participate in a fresh class program as well. That means a new and exciting experience every week!!

    Ranked as the “#1 Children’s Fitness Program” by Entrepreneur Magazine 2005 & 2006, My Gym has a 25-year history and is has over 185 locations worldwide. Our classes consist of a wide range of age-appropriate activities including a unique warm-up, games, relays, songs, puppets, rides, gymnastics, sports and other confidence building activities. My Gym Kids have loads of fun as they develop strength, balance, coordination, fine and gross motor proficiency, agility, flexibility and social skills in our low student to ratio facility.

    Though the Duane Reade space was nice, the price was unreasonable and they were unwilling to subdivide.

  4. A Kiddie Gym!!! This is so pre crisis.
    Come on parents, take you kids for a walk or a ride in the woods. You have plenty of choice < Saxon woods, Marshlands, Sheldrake, and many more a few miles away.

  5. UWS PlazaToo closed

  6. Are YOU kidding??!!! When school is closed? So that will be great for what July and August? Have your ever tried to pull in there with all the school kids just hanging around? That’s the main reason I don’t even go into Starbucks! Seriously, we’ve got 6 gyms between Mamaroneck and Larchmont as it is. Well, good luck.

  7. I for one would like to welcome our Larchmont resident owner of My Gym. Here is a business owner who lives and invests in our town, wants to provide a quality service for families, and has painstakingly spent the past year working through all the obstacles this economic climate presents. If parking is your biggest issue. . .give it a chance, his customer service will more than make up for it. David, congrats on your Grand Opening!

  8. Bienvenue to MY GYM !!!!!
    I am very pleased it finally come to our Town.
    My GYM has the greatest program for kids. They will get access to great activities, discipline and learn social skills…
    Merci David for your perseverence to improve our family lives.
    As for parking issue??? at least there is one

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