School Budgets Pass

 The 2010-11 Mamaroneck , Rye Neck, New Rochelle, Rye and Scarsdale school budgets were approved by voters.  




 Based on unofficial tallies:  
The Mamaroneck school budget passed by a nearly 2-1 margin with 2258 votes for and 1141 against.   
The Rye Neck budget also passed by a nearly 2-1 margin with 571 votes for and 282 against.  
The New Rochelle school budget passed 2076 to 1694.  
The Rye school budget passed 929 to 652.
The Scarsdale school budget passed 1887 to 738.
Also in New Rochelle, elected to the Board of Education were newcomers Lianne Merchant and Valerie Orellana, who defeated incumbent Jerome Smith.  The New Rochelle Public Library budget also passed as did Proposition 1 authorizing a library bond.    
— additional reporting by Brigid Beitel 

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