See Your Teachers’ Contract

Copies of teacher contracts are now available online. Have a look at Mamaroneck’s , Rye Neck’s , or any District in the State thanks to





SeeThroughNY . Superintendent contracts are there too.


  1. Teachers and school administrators have more job security than just about anyone this side of Cuba (and things are changing there). God bless … whatever people can negotiate they deserve. What is troubling, however, is that there are increasing instances of the community the schools serve being taken for granted. Take this week’s Back to School Night at Murray Avenue. The principal’s presentation featured a slide show accompanied by a tape recorded reading of remarks by various specialists. If you thought you’d get a chance to meet your kid’s art or phys ed teacher and perhaps ask a question or two, nope. Instead you heard these folks read that Merrell shoes are unacceptable in gym and that art is a very important part of the curriculum. The principal concluded this “presentation” by reading a hackneyed (only because it’s read so often in these settings) poem about the partnership between the home and the schools, leaving no opportunity whatsoever for questions. We deserve better. It is not too much to ask for your kids’ teachers to show up once a year to meet the parents – something one suspects they’d happily do as they have done in the past. And the leader of the school ought to be prepared to address questions in an open forum, without having them filtered by her staff.

  2. [quote][i]If it’s true that our species is alone in the universe, then I’d have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.[/i]
    – George Carlin[/quote]

    We need to appreciate the difference between school systems and education. We fail to measure the latter and fail to manage it for the utmost success.

    How many ‘interims’ do we have for lack of succession planning and career development?

    How much learning has been accomplished in the District beyond that which would normally occur in a population such as ours given the socioeconomic distribution?

    Are we prepared to negotiate appropriately and skillfully for improvement and cost efficiency as staff contracts expire?

    Probably no easy answers, but excellent ones are critical.

  3. Wow, that Murray Ave School Back to School Night sounds pretty bad. I’d be incensed too.

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