Semi-Royal Shakespeare Rules

Fans of Shakespeare will delight in performances of Macbeth and Taming of the Shrew, from March 4-7, 2010 at  Hommocks Middle School in Larchmont.


 The performances will be presented by the Semi-Royal Shakespeare Company, the oldest continuous high school troupe in the USA, now in its 36th season.


The cast and crew of over 80 Mamaroneck High School students, is led by Dee O’Brien, whose outstanding leadership has earned her a Sunny award for outstanding community service and the Westchester Arts Council Award for her contributions to theater arts. 



Macbeth, despite being one of Shakespeare’s shortest tragedies, examines many themes including ambition, guilt, loyalty, and political intrigue among English royalty.  As a nod to Shakespeare’s modern relevance, the production is set in the present day and includes music from artists such as Gorillaz, Sinead O’Connor, and AC/DC.   


In a lighter vein, Taming of the Shrew involves the experience of two sisters as they are wooed by a variety of suitors.  The SESC version takes place in the 1950’s and includes the often omitted “Christopher Sly” scenes, thus making this a play within a play.  Taming of the Shrew has such modern-day adaptability that it has been the basis for the movie “Ten Things I Hate About You” and the classic play “Kiss Me Kate”. 


“The cast and crew have been hard at work since the fall to create these two exciting and ambitious performances,” said producer Jenny Geer. “The students are aware that these are much anticipated events for the community and look forward to bringing Shakespeare to a broad audience.”


A former graduate (2008) of the SRSC program and MHS, award-winning film director Michael Lewen, produced two promotional videos for the company while enrolled at the University of Southern California’s film program.  The two videos are dramatically different in style, reflecting the contrasts between the two shows. The videos may be seen on YouTube under the titles Taming : and Macbeth:

The Mamaroneck High School seniors in the productions are: Eliot Cohen, Megan Correia, Maria Dambriunas, Shanni Davidowitz, Wednesday Derrico, Jack Devine, Ben Feuerstein, John Goodman, Zoe Gould, Maria Gray, Sam Margolis, Jodi Miller, Alex Neier, Rebecca Paganini, Jamie Rabinowitz, Laura Ramirez, William Seife, Louis Sobel, Tony Vozza, Derek Ward, Emily Weitzman and Adam Wrobel.

The company will present six shows to the public with each production presenting two different casts. For more information, contact Jenny Geer at 833-3263 or


About the Semi-Royal Shakespeare Company: The Semi-Royal Shakespeare Company is a production of SRSC Productions, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation established in 2007 by a group of parents on the occasion of Dee O’Brien’s retirement from teaching in the Mamaroneck school district. SRSC Production, Inc. was founded to ensure that Mamaroneck students would continue to benefit from participation in The Semi-Royal Shakespeare Company. This is the company’s third season under SRSC management.


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