Sex and the (Slightly) Older Woman, Pt.4

What are your criteria for joining a man in bed? Mine are pretty simple.  Smells ok? Makes me laugh? Laughs with me?


Thinks I am fabulous? And makes me think? When that [single] man turns up I am not going dawdle. Because exercising ones libido is so much better than the treadmill. I haven’t met one yet but you get my drift, right?
And the good news is each woman is beautiful and desirable to the man who takes her on a third date. You’ve got nothing to worry about – men are easy. To him you are warm and wonderful. I can’t guarantee you’ll be so lucky once the deed is complete, but for tonight you are perfection.
So how to execute. The role of a shy ingénue is no longer an option – at least not an attractive one. I tend to default to acting like a Lady, but that can lead to a misalignment of desired versus achieved results. So maybe it’s best to simply admit  (especially to yourself) what you are hoping will happen (I am assuming, Dear Reader, that your goal is not a re-enactment of earlier, flawed tactics?) and skip false protestations. Or maybe this is your opportunity to free your inner strumpet? But don’t scare him off!
Stock up on pretty lingerie, take care of some personal grooming you may have let slide while lounging around in your sweats, read a salty novel.  Then take a deep breath and start flirting. Reach out and touch his arm. Look into his eyes. Try not to use those upper octaves we default to when we are nervous. Don’t order anything with garlic. Take a prophylactic anti-gas tablet to avoid surprising body noises.
What was natural at 17 may make you vomit just a little knowing what you do today, but man up. It’s like riding a bicycle. And if you are lucky – what a ride you are in for. Sex with a relative stranger is so much more fun than it was with the mate you had grown to hate!
Just watch your heart because he can make you feel so good, then slip back into his man cave without a second thought.
Next week I’ll let you in on some of the interesting details I have learned by actually thinking about sex, rather than crossing it off my weekly list.


  1. LOL! You have fun…it makes me think

  2. Cybill in Between is a novel that might liberate your libido! Divorcee in her forties in love with two men at once, one much younger, the other an excitingly twisted scientist. Available at Amazon and Ravenous Romance. Written by a Mamaroneck resident: could that be me? Sigh. Blush.

  3. Can’t remember laughing out loud at many blogs before. Usually I stop reading them halfway because they are too B-oring!!! Not yours, you are a hilarious writer and I await the next installment.

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