Sex and the (slightly) Older Woman Pt. 8

Replaced by a Dog: This was the tome I proposed to write as I clawed my way out of post-divorce depression. And all clichés aside,








a dog really is better than a man. Oh there are the obvious canine characteristics – the adoring gaze, the unconditional love, the warmth and affection – that make Fido man’s best friend.   But what about the dearth of dirty socks? The unbridled appreciation for the way I smell?  He begs without angst. And never leaves the seat up.  Yes, Dear Reader, a dog is better than a man.  
The dog does not care that I tend to chatter when nervous. Nope, just listens with interest (ok, sometimes he falls asleep too).  He never questions my social schedule – nope, just follows (although I’d punt a man who was always at my heels).  And doesn’t complain about my style, humor, career choices – he really just worships me.
The men I met when I was young exhibited this puppyish adoration. It made me feel like I was actually perfect.  But they did me a disservice.  Drool is not a solid basis for a relationship.  Adulation is an exhilarating jumping off point, but then it’s all downhill.
The men I meet today examine potential soul mates with FAR greater scrutiny.  And wisely too. We have a responsibility to choose more carefully, and to exercise the benefits of our experience, and to safeguard our blossoming, but fragile, emotional health.  We should adhere to the well-considered rules we have established for ourselves accurately and faithfully. They are based on hard won intelligence. We must give exactly what we are willing and able to give – and make no promises that we can provide more.
Going into a relationship knowing what we know is terrifying. So maybe the dog is not better than a man, just safer.


  1. So — of course you love your dog. BUT– why not both? You cannot REALLY talk WITH your dog. But just as you are willing to tell all to “man’s best friend — don’t be afraid to REALLY talk with you mate — oh, I mean “date.” Anyone worth sharing sex with HAS to be worth shaing your mind with. I don’t mean whine — just be real. If it scares him away, good riddance. You’ve both gone through “hell” or you wouldn’t be where you are — it stands to reason, you both need to talk about “IT.” Share the pain, get on with it, and fu#$^ your brains out. Then go through “IT” all again — and again. Pretty soon, if you are “right” for one another is any real sense, the “IT” will be forgotten as you concentrate of the the fun of the new “US.”

  2. Let me be the person my dog thinks I am!!!

  3. Dogs woukd be a whole lot more appealing if they came without dog shit!:'(

  4. And the beauty of the dog is that he will NEVER leave you, he will hold up his end of the bargain and be loyal. loving and faithful until death do you part.

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