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We bring back the place to lodge a complaint or shout-out superb service. Let us all know what’s worth a visit and what to possibly avoid…when last published, much discussion about a pool…




  1. Lot of talk around town about the town and village of Mamaroneck taking over Hampshire making it a public facility. Yeah that’s right, that’s what these boards need, more to do, because they are doing such a good job with what’s on their plate now. Let’s see them put up a traffic light well, before we move on to more complex issues like whats to be done with the 52 pounds of beef tongue in the Hampshire fridge.
    Then there will be the difficulty of maintaining the scenic beauty and quaint charm, and still finding places to put banks.

  2. got a ticket for parking in a handicapped space at the Hommocks Ice Rink. the blue lines were covered in snow. The officer said “I should have known!”

  3. I want the Larchmont Village Hall to take back my un-used parking cards which can no longer be used to pay for parking at the railroad station lots. I tried to return about $130 in parking cards on Friday (2/19/10) and was told that the Village stopped taking them in early-January, and that I could attempt to resolve the issue with the Mayor. What is up with that?

  4. Avoid the new ShopRite in New Rochelle at all costs. surly help. high prices. i am no fan of Stop and Shop but it’s looking better now.

  5. [quote][i]Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.[/i] – Chili Davis[/quote]

    I am committed to never growing up, but sure wish others would ;D Entitlement comes earlier in the dictionary, and then comes responsibility. Let’s act responsibly; only the future is at stake.

  6. Hi Editrix,

    In the part of the Town of Mamaroneck where I live (near the Weaver St. firehouse), we have brown water every once in a while. I have heard it is some kind of pipe-cleaning activity, which is all well and good, but I’d REALLY like some kind of warning when this will be done. Nothing worse than a bathroom stocked with 10 soft, new, now-dingy, formerly white towels. Plus the bathmats and the bedsheets. And forget bathing any living creature. Cooking? No way. It’s disgusting. I can plan around this if I know when they’ll do it–an email alert or something?

  7. I’ve found all the staff at Shoprite to be super nice and helpful – esp the bakery, seafood counter…the managers remember you and everybody says hi with a smile. There are some less-smiley checkout gals but not NEARLY as many at Stop n Shop where I believe the book on Surly was written…
    Plus you can’t beat the freshness of meat and fish there, at good prices. And a huge yogurt selection. The bakery has great breads. And there are those cute mini carts.

  8. After 30 years, I find myself back in Larchmont. Happy to see Don Freda at Hennessey-Freda who serviced my very first car, is still offering the same great service!

  9. Kudos to the Larchmont Public Works Department for doing a great job cleaning up after last weekend’s storm.

  10. Jon, I would like to turn the club into playing fields, to stop more unhealthy, fake turf fields from being built.

  11. I have just learned that an excellent English teacher at the high school, Jennifer Rosenzweig (who is also a Mamaroneck schools parent, and full disclosure: my neighbor) was denied tenure. This despite the fact that she has her masters, much teaching experience, was a successful teacher in Scarsdale, did an excellent job here and was well-loved by all, and that hundreds of letters were sent on her behalf by her students, their parents, and the entire English faculty. If Dr. Orfinger continues to be threatened by excellence and insists on promoting only mediocrity, there will be little improvement in our high school. We need a strong superintendent and school board who can put pressure on him to finally retire. It’s extremely sad and discouraging to see us lose yet another vibrant, intelligent young teacher because of his incompetence and insecurity. We need a better administration at all levels at the high school, and a superintendent who is truly a leader. (That said, I’ve heard the superintendent candidate from Hastings is disliked by many and doesn’t get along well with the teachers–if that’s true, it’s not what we need.) Taxes and spending aren’t the only issue–excellent teachers (and keeping them) are what makes the difference in a great school district.
    If you care about our schools, improving the high school, and keeping good teachers (and this isn’t the first time Orfinger’s turned down a great teacher for tenure), please write to the school board and ask them to show some leadership on this issue.

  12. I too am extremely disappointed in Dr. Orfinger and the school board/superintendent. Jennifer Rosenzweig is a fantastic teacher, with enthusiasm and creativity. The kids really respond to her and she is one of the BEST teachers my son has had in the high school. I can’t believe her tenure would be denied. Something is not right! What can we do??

  13. KYG,
    Thanks for your support for Jennifer Rosenzweig. I would suggest writing Linnet Tse and the School Board. Their email is Please spread the word among other interested parents at the High School. Hopefully there is still time to act!

  14. There is now a Facebook page, “Support Mrs. Rosenzweig” up, with over 300 members.

  15. What is up with the “new” stairs that connect the lower Metro North Myrtle lot to the upper deck? The cage protecting the stairs are rusting already. Ever hear of Rust-Oleum? What kind of crappy construction did the MTA stick us with?

  16. Anyone notice the aggressive ticketing for minor parking violations here and in other local communities. Just Saturday April 17th in Flint Park, where activities are long and parking short, police hovered waiting for violators to ticket. And according to the Journal News, the owner of the Watercolor Cafe was arrested for trying to prevent the parking enforcement officer from ticketing his car. Is this a new fundraiser?

  17. Does anyone else agree that we are in desperate need of a turn signal at the intersection of Boston Post Rd and Chatsworth/Monroe Ave? The left turn is blind when there are ppl waiting to turn left across from you (on the Post Rd turning onto Monroe or Chatsworth) and it is very dangerous. It is such a busy intersection I am surprised there isn’t a turn signal there already. Has this issue been addressed by the town already? I am relatively new to Larchmont and will be contacting the town to find out what, if anything, can be done.

  18. Dr. Maloney, Dr. Kung and Nancy at Harbor Immediate Medical Care in Mamaroneck are the hardest working medical professonals around. I am always surprised that I get so much more quick, friendly and efficient care from a doctor’s office that does not take appointments than those that are appointment only. And if one could submit names for sainthood, I would submit Nancy’s……

  19. The Sound Shore Express (the Journal News’ free weekly edition) reported this week that the new mayor of Mamaroneck was proposing that Sporttime (the current tennis bubble operator) be permitted to build a 20,000 square foot gym in the park! Paid for in part by the Village, no less. This is outrageous. Sacrificing all that waterfront public space in a heavily utilized park for a gym that could be located anywhere. And the mayor was quoted as saying that the building and its indoor basketball and lacrosse space was necessary to bring people to the waterfront. I feel like this must be a joke. Has anyone heard anything about this?

  20. Why are apartments in some co-ops and condo buildings in the Town not taxed at the market value of the apartments?

    [quote][i]I will feel equality has arrived when we can elect to office women who are as unqualified as some of the men who are already there.[/i]
    – Maureen Reagan[/quote]


    nView Larger Map

  22. I WISH

    I wish they would use a finer grade of sand paper for the towels at the Larchomnt NYSC, yesterday when I was drying off I erased a nipple

  23. I WISH
    They’d catch the skunk that has been smelling up the Citi Bank on Palmer of 20 years

  24. [quote][i]We make the world we live in and shape our own environment.[/i]
    -Orison Swett Marden[/quote]

    Couldn’t tell whether it was a comedy hour or government meeting. When the Town of Mamaroneck Bored met this week they talked some more about their commitment to the environment. Yet, they complained about the amount of copied paper they were trying to deal with in front of them, and often couldn’t find the proper pages.

    Could theLoop tell them about Personal Computers?

  25. [quote][i][b]1. Authorization – IMA Village of Larchmont Water Tank Tax Exemption[/b] [/i]
    – Agenda, Town of Mamaroneck, 8/11/10[/quote]

    What’s up? Or what’s going down? Who benefits? Who doesn’t benefit?

    Is this related to the rumored Town of Mamoroneck not charging the Village of Larchmont property tax to which the Town is entitled?

    What the real story? Who and what’s behind the curtain on this. Perhaps theLoop can get the inside this mystery.

  26. I’ve lived in Larchmont for just about two years, and for nearly the entire time I’ve been here, there has been graffitti on the Larchmont Village side of the pedestrian tunnel that runs under I-95 and the Metro-North tracks. The ‘graffiti’ consists of a several big spray painted splotches in various colors.

    I could probably paint over all of thenm with some paint and a roller in about fifteen minutes total – and I can’t understand why the village has been unable to do the same for nearly two years…
    editrix Sean! search theLoop under “SKANK” for some context….

  27. I have to say, Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant is one of the most entertaining news figures in the last year. I don’t care if he was right or wrong. He has style. The moves that he pulled are classic. From the curses over the intercom, to the beer grab, to the bag first slide down the emergency chute- this guy is hands down AWESOME. Good for him, he deserves an Oprah or View appearance for this one. Bravo!

  28. Wil-ey, i AGREE! I LOVE that a (presumably) gay flight attendant has tapped into Middle America! (Oh wait, that’s us?)

  29. I’d like to express my frustration that the school district is temporarily closing the school owned Hommocks pool around Labor Day, displacing the girls swim team for a few weeks to do window work during their high school season, instead of closing it now when half of the residents flee the area. Why? Because the Rec Dept (that only manages the pool for the school) didn’t want to inconvenience the remaining residents for a couple of weeks. So instead, the swim team, that should take priority, is being shuttled off to other pools.

    And the kicker of it is, the window work involves asbestos removal, so it will be taking place while kids are back in the building!!!!! I’m sure the HMX parents would be thrilled to hear about that.

  30. Dear Disgusted
    Maybe this is yet ANOTHER reason to have a separate town pool…..why should the people who pay $500 to use the pool over the summer and who may not be able to afford a beach vacation in august be asked to give up two weeks of THEIR pool time?

  31. Town residents pay school taxes for the pool
    The TOM uses Town taxes to rent the pools from the school
    TOM residents then pay to use the pool at the school
    Damn the residents, its government that counts

    Asbestos not in plan; school gets C in project planning
    TOM agenda say school wants exemption from law; school gets D in conduct
    Town and school hide resolution; Town gets F but in politics that’s an A
    Damn the residents, its government that counts

  32. Dear Disgusted Too and Disgusted Me2,
    A separate town pool would certainly be a thought, but please don’t expect your YEAR LONG, not summer long, family permit to cost you a mere $475.00. In order to pay for that luxury, expect to pay at least that amount per person.

    Let’s try to remember that the Recreation Dept. “rents” the pool in order to run recreation programs, which includes usage through the “family permit.” (And I have been told by school insiders that they are allegedly less than cooperative in paying those contracted rents. ) The pool is a school facility, just like the football field or Manchester field. If the recreation dept wanted to use the football field or baseball field for a program, shouldn’t they pay rent for that as well? Yes, of course. And, if a school team needed that field, would a rec program take priority? Of course not.

    So, since this is the “complaint department,” I will complain, does ousting the school swim team from their facility, for what is now planned as 4 weeks (or half of their season) sound right? Of course not.

    If I, part of the general public, have known about the asbestos for 5 months, then clearly the school knew (for a lot longer) that asbestos removal was part of the project. They should have planned around the 2 school teams and done the work between March and August. And if the HMX parents had a say on behalf of their children, then clearly the safe alternative is July or August.

  33. Dear Disgusted,

    Let’s keep this simple, perhaps you’ll understand. Next year we vote the pool money out of the School District budget and into the Town budget. School taxes go down and school users who want can rent pool use from the Town. Same people paying money, but paid and divided differently.

    As to who knew what, when, a mystery. As to what is known now by some of our municipal/school leaders, another mystery. Perhaps you may know more than most, but unfortunately put your view of your entitlement before thinking.

  34. Totally agree with Loren. Who ever parks the dark Acura MDX there (every day) is asking for trouble. I have seen many near misses, and its bad in both directions. There should be no parking from 68 North Chatworth on up the hill until visibility improves.

  35. What IS it with drivers in this town? The number of times I’ve nearly been wiped out in the last few weeks is outrageous. Two places in particular:

    1. Heading up Weaver St. from the BPR towards the firehouse. Waiting at a red light to cross Palmer, light turns green, I go – and someone coming in the opposite direction, waiting to make a left from Weaver onto Palmer, turns right across the front of me. Brake, swerve, curse. They drive like they have a green left turn arrow – except of course, they don’t!

    2. Coming down Weaver from the Hutch towards the firehouse. Intersection with Murray. Number of times someone has turned left out of Murray in front of me, forcing me to emergency brake and swerve, is ridiculous.

    People, learn to bloody drive! And don’t drive like you own the road and expect everyone else to get out your way; some day you’ll meet someone with the same bad attitude and you’ll regret it.

    And while I’m having a whine, why do so many of the checkout folks at Stop & Shop seem to be the dregs of the earth? The folks in Trader Joes are unfailingly excellent, but the amount of ‘attitude’ I’ve experienced at the other place is… discouraging.

  36. Mike Ross,
    That intersection of Weaver and Forest behind Murray Ave school is very dangerous. If you try to make a left turn from Weaver onto Forest, you cannot see the oncoming traffic because of the way the Weaver bends. I don’t think people are ‘driving as if they own the road’ there, they’re just trying to make it as fast as they can while the coast is clear. I always drive slowly when approaching that light in case someone is making a blind left turn ahead. There really needs to be a left arrow there, esp considering all the kids in the area. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

  37. Also, the Larchmont Stop n Shop is hell hole. It’s filthy, the workers are angry, management is a joke. The New Rochelle Stop n Shop on Palmer is not too far away and the difference is night and day. Clean store, pleasant people, better produce and shorter deli lines too.

  38. It’s a shame Stop & Shop seems to have a lock on grocery stores in this area. I agree that they’re unpleasant, dirty and not a broad enough selection (especially of healthy and fresh foods). Where I grew up in the Phila suburbs, and many places we visit, there are such nicer grocery stores!!

  39. Another winter, another snowstorm when corner homeowners are NOT shoveling a space from their sidewalk out to the street! No whining about ‘snowdrifts too high’ – the upsides of having a corner lot are many, the downside is that when it snows, you have more work to do than your neighbors. Strollers and seniors don’t have a hope, and even regular folks shouldn’t be expected to scale Mount Inconsiderate. And if you disappear every winter for warmer climes, HIRE SOMEONE to shovel your sidewalks, please – the rest of us are slogging it out here.

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