Soccer League Tells Parents, Coaches to Keep Quiet

Better keep your mouth shut, if you plan on going to your child’s soccer game Saturday.








With a record number of "yellow cards" for "inappropriate behavior" issued both to parents and parent coaches this season, Saturday is being officially christened a Silent Day, a first for the Larchmont Junior Soccer League.



"There has been an unacceptable stream of comments directed towards the referees from parents, coaches and indeed the player,” organizer Brian Hinchcliffe said in an email. “Two weekends ago this peaked into one specific situation so unacceptable that many emailed and called us requesting a ‘teaching moment." One mother of a soccer player who was at the game in question said she called the league to complain about the Coach’s behavior. "He was making the children feel bad about their mistakes. At this age (elementary school) it’s suppossed to be about fun."


Coaches Saturday will be expected to make only positive and encouraging comments, if they make them at all, the email said. There will be no screaming or yelling, and parents are being asked to enjoy the games quietly.





  1. These parents have nothing on the parents from 20 years ago, in the early 80’s you would see dads grabbbing their kids and taking them off the field for making mistakes. I remember one parent of a travel team player actually had to sit in his car for the rest of the game because of his outbursts. They would get heated. Parents should not shout negative commentary but coaches should be allowed. If you want to hear some good commentary go check out the mam’k pop warner games. The spectators have a passion for certain aspects of the english language.

  2. I attended a lot of these games in the last 10 years. I must say this year have been a record. I have 2 remarks.
    parents that complains should become coaches.
    district shouldnt wait to tone down some coaches.
    at the end of the day, parents areby a large accounts the worst offenders.

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