Sponsor Story: Clarke Auction (Do I Hear…7000 Sq.Feet?)

 The old space at Clarke Auction in Larchmont wasn’t so bad….part Grandmother’s spacious attic stuffed with treasure, part










antique dealers’ back alley secret.

But that was the problem. It was at the end of North St in Larchmont, a very alley-like venue, hard for visitors and locals alike to find. (Hey, can you tell us where that is?) 

Those that knew it rarely left  without bidding on a piece of furniture, a chandelier, a work of art… or just an entertaining evening, or both.

Then almost a year ago, owner and operator Ronan Clarke, whose Irish brogue and love of art and antiques gives him an instant charm, bought a space twice the size – a former hangar of an antique warehouse at 2372 Boston Post Road (next to La Riserva and across from Fuji Mountain.)




"It’s perfect," Ronan says as he and his staff moved in every direction, preparing for this weekend’s auctions and previews.

The 7000 square foot space is filled with light and gets walk-in business. "They actually come in off the street now!  It’s even been good for the surrounding businesses", says Tom Curran, Clarke’s right hand man.

The high bright orange walls are covered with paintings for Sunday’s art sale, which will include a couple of Warhols, some rare Mid-Century pieces and two baby grand pianos.



Don’t miss it, the schedule’s below. Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell auctions off a painting Sunday at 1:00.

Going once…




Clarke’s 8th Fine Art Sale:
Sunday, Sept. 12th @ 2 pm
View Catalog

Friday, Sept. 10th 2 pm – 8 pm
Saturday, Sept. 11th Noon – 9 pm with Opening Reception 4 pm – 9 pm
Sunday, Day-of-Sale Noon – Sale

Antiques and Midcentury Estate Sale:
Monday, Sept. 13th @ 6pm
View Catalog

Saturday, Sept. 11th Noon – 9 pm
Sunday, Sept. 12th Noon – 2 pm (start of art sale)
Monday, Day-of-Sale Noon – Sale


  1. Clarke has really transformed an eyesore into a place of interest on the BPR. Kudos and best of luck!

  2. I’m a fan of Clarke’s Auctions. Enjoyed reading this piece and seeing what Ronan looks like.
    Best wishes to them in their new home. XX Julie

  3. Thanks and Clarke will continue to improve the cosmetics going forward.

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