Sponsor Story: Field of Dreams

Wherever Gunda Sabel – Sheehan has lived, whether in her native Germany near the Danish border or Brooklyn, N.Y., she always dreamed of having a little store.











But what to sell?

Then it hit her when she moved to Larchmont seven years ago.

"It was such a bummer out in the suburbs," says Gunda with a charming German accent. "There are so many interesting people here and everybody was complaining they had to go to Manhattan or Brooklyn to be exposed to Euro- Style."


So she thought about what she most wants to find in a store.  First, goods that are "eco- conscious," then, interesting materials. "I was always impressed with people who work in materials like felt, wood or linen."


Field , Gunda’s now three year old store on the Boston Post Road in Larchmont is only 180 square feet, yet is chock full of great stuff…from floor to ceiling…bags  made of recycled sail cloth… bamboo bowls from Thailand…wallets,  jewelry, housewares, notebooks crafted by artisans world wide. Organic children’s clothes. Colorful rubber door mats woven from recycled flip flops.


"I am always googling ‘earth friendly’ to find things," says Gunda. There are so many fun items out there. I think it’s important to live a conscious life and have fun with it."




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