Sponsor Story: Love by Bella Fiora

If you had a spacious walk-in closet (I’m speaking to the women, here, but men, do listen up) that had everything you









needed, perfectly arranged with the right accessories, constantly updated and never intimidating, this little store on Palmer Avenue would be it.

What began seven years ago as a lingerie and swimwear store has evolved into one of the finest clothing boutiques in Westchester, offering dresses from designers such as Hale Bob, Black Halo, and David Meister,  cashmere sweaters from White and Warren and Autumn Cashmere, designer jeans, higher end costume jewelry ($18-$100) and now clutches and handbags.     



"People may not want to spend $300 on a pair of earrings," says Love  by Bella Fiora owner Ellie DeVito, but they might buy a great pair for $48 and a second pair as a gift."

"This is a practical town,"  she says of the Larchmont/Mamaroneck area "and I began to see where the need was."

And one of those needs is real customer service. Many consumers long for the days when merchants knew them by name and could hand-pick merchandise for them.

"People are so used to ‘sales associates’ saying that everything looks great on them.   I would never let someone walk out with something I did not truly think looked great on them and that they felt comfortable in.  We are here to build long term relationships not to sell you something that you will regret purchasing that will sit in your closet". 


Then, with the closing of nearby Plaza Too, DeVito heard complaints from customers looking for bags, wallets and even sandals.

"We want shoppers to be able to get whatever they need," she says.

If only our closets could do that.




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