Sponsor Story: Working Out One2One

Sure there are Gym Floor Super Stars, dutifully devoted to the careful crafting of their near-perfect (read: enviable?) arms, abs and all that other stuff.



More of us, though, are fraught with a more ambivalent relationship with exercise, let alone with the bodies and minds physical activity is supposed to improve.

 At its best, exercise is great – we walk out feeling fit, strong and a little bit naturally high from the rush that comes with pushing ourselves. At worst, it hurts like hell, either by rekindling old aches – or setting new ones in motion – or looming large like another gnawing pain on the To Do List.

 But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Sean Fitzpatrick,who owns and runs One2One BodyScapes training in Mamaroneck. One2One BodyScapes is a loop sponsor.

 Located in a comfortable, light-drenched space overlooking the Long Island Sound, One2One is the kind of place you want to work out: it’s purposely not crowded, low-key and it is overseen by trainers who take the time and energy to custom create exercise routines that take into account each individual’s needs, abilities – and limitations.

 “It’s never about what I want you to do. It’s about what your body is able to do and how we put that into a constructive exercise program.”

 “Anyone can grind someone into the ground,” he says. “That’s easy.”

 One2One trainers spend their first session with clients getting to know them — not only their physical abilities and goals but also what realities, like time and financial limitations, will allow them to do.

 Clients who are gung-ho to train with gusto to those who simply want to learn how to work out properly at their own gym are given equal attention, he said.

 When clients who have health-related issues that need more than exercise alone, Fitzpatrick and his trainers aren’t afraid to go elsewhere for help.  An exercise physiologist, chiropractor and nutritionist are among the professionals onOne2One’s referral list.

 All key components of making exercise healthy, safe andsound.

 “Most people as adults don’t know how to exercise properly,”Fitzpatrick said. “To blindly walk into a gym and start a routine is putting yourself at risk.”


  One2One BodyScapes is offering Loop readers a free trial session as well as a $99 three-session package for new clients.  The gymis located at 516 W. Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck. Call 777-2300 and mention theLoop when you book.

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