1. I had to submit this funny experience I had a Starbucks today. I went there this afternoon with my two boys for a caffeine pick-me-up. My younger son wanted a marshmallow square. I asked the cashier to cut it in half (I’m sure you know how big they are – they can easily feed two children). She stated that no, she cannot cut it, because they’re not insured to cut them :)! As I pondered this, she left the counter to get said square. Upon her return, I asked her if they’re insured to cut the bagels (in all seriousness), they DO cut the bagels to toast them! She said they have a bagel cutter (in all seriousness). I was incredulous, especially since other Starbucks have cut this mammoth piece of confection before. Again, she said she was sorry, but she didn’t want to lose her job! This struck me instantly as hysterical – imagine losing your job over cutting a marshmallow treat! I started laughing and could not stop – I guess that’s why I didn’t get my ‘treat receipt’ to return later on in the day to spend yet more hard-earned money on frivolous iced lattes! I’m still cracking up over this – my son’s really got into it too when we left, since I could not stop laughing – “Mom, imagine they’re watching on the closed captioned camera’s – they see her cut the square; the SWAT team arrives and apprehends the clerk” Headline next day – “Clerk arrested, detained, interrogated for hours due to cutting the marshmallow treat”. I’m still laughing as I write this. What’s really funny is that this clerk was TOTALLY serious!

  2. I’ve always been a reluctant slave to Starbucks, simply because I depend on the high octane in their coffee. But as a parent of school-age kids, I have a warning for my fellow Larchmont parents regarding Starbucks, and it has nothing to do with the coffee.
    On at least two occasions in the recent past, when I have entered Starbucks shops in midtown Manhattan, I have been confronted with men merrily surfing, and locking in on, internet gay porn sites. Always, the computer screen is positioned so that it faces outward, where anyone, including children, can see it. These fellows clearly have an exhibitionist bent, and chances are the Starbucks employees know exactly what is going on. But nothing is done.
    It’s nice to have the attraction of a wi-fi connection at Starbucks, but some rules need to be instituted about content, or even positioning of one’s screen. Until then, parents, be aware that this is going on in Starbucks, for your kids’ sake.

  3. hmm… interesting!
    is that why mayor FELD buys her coffee at starbucks EVERY DAY?

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