Storm.. und Drang

If you’re reading this, you may have electricity! Beginning Saturday night, thousands in the area lost power and were warned by public officials to stay inside due to dangerous power line knocked down by trees.



On Center Avenue on Larchmont, this car was flattened by a centuries-old tree. Branches are everywhere. WCBS reporter Lou Young did a 6:00 am live shot Sunday from his own yard.

theLoop, too, is off the grid, and we will post when we can. (your editrix is now posting with a cellphone plugged into her laptop.) 

Crews are working to restore power, giving priority to those with more outages in a given area.




  1. Where is ConEd? It is now Monday morning. Whole stretches of the Post Road are without power. Large apartment buildings are dark. I haven’t seen one ConEd truck on the streets at all. How can they restore power without visiting our community?

  2. It’s 2010! Not only in New York but in the USA – and Con Ed says those homes that went dark Saturday night won’t be humming till THURSDAY!!! What the$#%^& How is this possible???? How friggin long does it take to plug the thing back into the wall????? Could Con Ed, or the Town, for that matter, EVER set aside a few dollars for prophylactic tree cutting? Even the tree-huggers would like a few wayward branches hacked in return for full power, all the time, and not leave us twisting every time the wind blows! Check your Con Ed bills closely next month and see how little they credit you. A COLOSSAL joke…

  3. Conned Ed,
    If you look where the damage is, it is not a few branches but rather large trees that came down and took with it telephone poles, transformers, and god knows how many miles of power lines.
    Let’s compare this to an accident at your house. If you spill a glass of milk, or a light bulb goes out you can fix it with what you have at your house. If you spill 2 gallons of paint on your floor, or break a bay window you will need to go to the store in order to get what you need to clean up and or repair.
    The same goes with Con Ed. They can replace a couple of poles, and fix a few transformers without much delay. But with the enormity of damage from Saturday, Sunday was spent clearing the damage and “ordering the parts needed” to fix it all. It will unfortunately take a few days to get everything up and running again.
    This area has not seen as much damage from a storm since maybe 1991 or so.

  4. Bobo, I get that, I really do and Con ED HAS gotten better (or at least MY lights dont go out every time someone whistles near a feeder cable). But aren’t there ANY spare parts? Anywhere? No loose cable just lying around waiting to be strung? Now I hear power will not be back on till SATURDAY – 7 days? 7 Days, really? THERE’S JUST NO WAY THAT CAN BE RIGHT IN THIS DAY AND AGE – IT WASN’T A HURRICANE.

  5. Con Ed has finally called in the experts…Georgia Power. Their trucks are all over mamaroneck now.

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