Superintendent Fried says Goodbye

About 50 faculty, staff, parents and community members in the Mamaroneck School District gathered Thursday to wish Superintendent Paul Fried  farewell







as he moves on to become Superintendent of Schools in Montville, New Jersey. 

At the ceremony in the library of Mamaroneck High School, Linnet Tse, President of the Mamaroneck School Board, members of the Central Staff, PT Council, Mamaroneck Schools Foundation, and Mamaroneck Teacher’s Association Fried for his patience, sense of calm, and ability to be both a leader and a team player.  According to former President of the PT Council Susan Lewen, “Paul approached each issue with a quiet smile, open eyes, and open ears…then applied his intelligence”.

The accolades were accompanied by a performance by the Mamaroneck High School String Ensemble and finished off with a concert by the Swing Choir and a simple reception outside of the library.  New York State Assemblyman George Latimer arrived just in time to praise his service.

Mr. Fried finally stood up to say  “This kind of day is too good to be true.  I will always remember the students and the incredible enthusiasm that they approach their learning with.”


  1. In plans for the future, I believe Dr Fried omitted to mention the drawing of a 150k$ NYS pension (at least, will be posted next year on , state tax free possibly), spending/saving or gifting accumulated sick leave and other deferred cash bonuses, all the while relying on community “children first” to fund this entitlements (and COLAs) during the next few decades. Living in Ossining is a nice touch, too , although living in M’neck or Montville would more directly loop Dr Fried on the taxes that actual people actually pay to sustain his lifestyle.

  2. [quote][i]I never make stupid mistakes. Only very, very clever ones.[/i] – Unknown[/quote]

    And “Admirer”, it is unfortunate that our District will allow the same mistake to be made again with a new Superintendent. We must learn from the real successes of others if there is to be hope that our schools will educate efficiently and effectively and our community will thrive.

  3. I find it shocking that Dr. fried gets to walk away with that much money while simultaneously cutting much needed positions at MHS. Vrginia Petrillo is the receptionist at the APPLE program at MHS. She is the voice of APPLE. She organizes events, calls parents on a a daily basis and has a wonderful rapport with students. She is bilingual which is invaluable and keeps all bilingual families involved in the program. She currently works 30 hours a week and receives health benefits. In the “interest of budget cuts” they have will be moving her to the principal’s office(where there are already 3 secretaries),cutting her hours to 20 and most importantly taking away her health benefits. She has been with the district for 14 years and this is how they treat her devotion??I plan on speaking with Dr. fried personally ,but wanted to get the word out when i saw this article.Please leave her where she is desperately needed and belongs.Sincerely, A concerned parent

  4. Dr. Fried is gone, so lobby Dr. Shap instead. And it isn’t shocking that he is walking away with a nice pension. These state pensions will eventually bankrupt us and put a lot more wonderful employees like Virginia out of work. But the fault is with the unions and the state and federal laws, not the employees…so focus your attention and effort on your elected officials. (although in Virginia’s case, you should also speak to the Board…perhaps the new interim principal really doesn’t need three secretaries…i brought this up numerous times, but Orfinger couldn’t reduce his clerical staff for some unknown reasons…maybe the new person will be able to operate more efficiently!

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