Sup’t Favors the Kindergarten Reduction Plan

As the next big Mamaroneck Schools "Budget Reduction Initiative Session" approaches Tuesday, the School District…


has emailed several summaries of its current proposals:

"The Board will continue to explore additional options and refine options already offered.  An additional elementary option that does not reduce kindergarten to a half day program will be presented.  The Board will have an opportunity to consider this new option along with those previously discussed. "



  " Below, we summarize the four options considered by Dr. Fried in the area of instructional staffing on the elementary level.
Option A:
• Chatsworth, Murray and Central would offer half-day kindergarten.
• Central would house one class of full day kindergarten.
• Mamaroneck Avenue would remain at full day kindergarten for all students.
• All incoming k students would be assessed, and those qualifying for full day kindergarten based on the results of the assessment would attend full day kindergarten at either Central or Mamaroneck Ave.
• Kindergarten class size would reduce to 20 from the current 22.
Option  B:
• Half day kindergarten for all schools


Option C
• Increase class in all grades by 2

Option  D
• Princeton Plan-Dr. Fried did not believe this was a viable option for next year. A Princeton Plan takes the students from several elementary schools and realigns them by grade level, effectively eliminating neighborhood schools and creating heterogeneous or desegregated schools.  Thus, there could be one K-1 school, one 2-3 school, etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  Dr. Fried currently is recommending that the Board of Education adopt Option A with respect to the elementary schools.  However, THIS IS BY NO MEANS A FINAL DECISION.  Dr. Fried and the Board value your input and want to hear your comments and concerns about all of the above options as well as any other ideas you may have to close the budget gap.  YOUR OPINIONS MATTER!

We strongly encourage you to review Dr.  Fried’s presentation on the district website at  <> and/or to watch his presentation on LMC-TV (times also listed on the district website)."

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