theLoop’s Top 10 of ’09

What were the top ten stories in 2009? Based on the number of hits received, that is,  the number of times the story was read:



Counting down…or up.

10) Tied: A mother’s lament on her nannies’ secret bad behavior, I Saw Your Nanny  (2046 hits at press time); and the hours leading up to a Bond Vote on the Mamaroneck Schools (2053).   Both themes would recur …

9) With  Active Sports Deactivates , the sad sign in the window was really a sign of the times. (2256 hits at press time)

8) Tied: The investigation into the Manor Park Melee in Larchmont (2277 hits) and a Rumorville called Breaking Bread (2279), which hit on such weighty topics as the possibility of a bread franchise going into a vacant  space on the Boston Post Road and a sighting of the rock band Los Lobos after a Mamaroneck concert.

7) The Bond Issue Battle to the Finish (2427)  

6) The little Loop story about Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s house (2436)

5) Say it ain’t so! This was the first iindication that Kearns Deli was going to go….(2757 clicks…perhaps most of them Jim Kearns’… 🙂 )

4) Once again, Loop readers show their support of local businesses and concerns about potential closings: Plaza Too Minus One received 2965 hits (and still hangs on…subsequent posts dealt with a craigslist posting and a possible wine bar )

3) Show me the money: The Proposed Mamaroneck Schools budget story received 3989 hits and 33 comments.

2) LoopTV : TV is fun again. (4459 hits)

and…the winner is…

1) Moon Over My Nanny! If you missed this Suburban passion play, it came in three installments , with the first story receiving 4459 hits (and 40 comments that were civil enough to print)


(Cumulative content, such as Let’s Go Out  –which has received 10,088 hits– or the Mamaroneck  Town Board Minutes  –7757- who knew?– was not ranked because stories like this are constantly updated and not representative of a single post. )




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  1. this is the funniest thing i have read all year! thank god that other year is over….

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