Things to See and Doo

I live in Orienta and look forward to my daily walk with my golden retriever.  There are tons of dogs







in my neighborhood and I often walk alone or with multiple friends and their dogs.  

 Lately I can’t help but be shocked at the number of "poop" bags, (you know….the little blue or green plastic bags used for picking up after your dog), that are left by by the side of the road.  I see them in the bushes, tossed into the woods, literally left on the street!!!   And yes, they are used!  This shocks me!  No one enjoys having to do it, but WE ALL need to keep our neighborhood clean and be mindful of our environment.   There is a law after all!    You’d be better off, just leaving your dog’s "business" by itself.  If you’re going to go to the trouble of carrying a bag, "scooping the poop", then PLEASE DISPOSE OF IT PROPERLY.

-Shelly (and Murphy) in Mamaroneck 

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