Today: Nourish Your Neighbor!

Today is Nourish Your Neighbor, the friends of theLoop effort to donate fresh vegetables from our gardens to the local Food Pantry.


The bin in front of Ed Merians’ house was starting to fill up Tuesday morning (pictured) and here is a note from him:



The beautifully decorated bin provided by the Sheldrake Environmental Center is out in front of my house. It already contains 4 pounds of carrots, 5 pounds of string beans, 15 pounds of cucumbers, 3 pounds of summer squash and some lettuce that’s too hard to wrestle on to a scale. My tomatoes were consumed by squirrels, chipmunks and a family of three wood chucks. Tomatillos and some tomatoes may be ready tonight. Good luck to us. I signed up for packing groceries tonight at the pantry and will bring the first load with me. 


Read more about Nourish Your Neighbor here . Hope to see you! (and your harvest, no matter the size.)



  1. Thank you again to all who donated fresh produce. It was all very appreciated. What a wonderful community project!

  2. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the people at Farm Share I am able to deliver the following bountiful harvest tomorrow to the CAP center at 9AM.

    1-1/2 bushels of Organic Peaches
    1-1/2 bushels of Organic Plums
    1/2 bushel of Organic Yellow Plums
    1-1/2 bushels of Organic Lettuce
    1-1/2 bushels of Organic Tomatoes
    1/2 bushel of Organic Peppers
    1/2 bushel of Organic Summer Squashes
    1 bushel Organic Watermelon
    1 + a little more bushels of Organic Zucchini

    How big is a bushel? It’s Two (2) 9″X9″X13″ boxes filled with produce up to the handles cut into the sides of the box. It’s a lot. Our community needs the nourishment. Thank you Farm Share. You’re helping care for people even when you’re on vacation.vWhen you go on vacation your Farm Share weekly delivery feeds a couple of families in dire straights much needed high quality fresh produce. Since food subsidies are often exhausted before the end of the month it must be even more important to our Pantry’s clients.

    The scale of the work that the Food Pantry volunteers accomplish is brought into focus at the end of most Tuesday nights at the Pantry. There are hundreds of bags of groceries and produce waiting to be distributed. All neatly packed in straight lines organized and optimized to support the physical and psychological well being of a great many people under too much stress. Thank you for what you’re doing. All of us in our Town and villages are only too happy to help.

    Ed Merians

  3. Dear Gail and my friends at Farm Share,
    Once again I am overwhelmed by your generosity as I look at the 6 foot table in my office overflowing with organic tomatoes, apples, peaches, fresh greens, purple onions, beets, huge zucchini, summer squash and baby bell peppers. I am also really pleased that I will be able to deliver over 12 dozen fresh organic eggs from NY State.

    Aug 31:
    This week we share with The Hispanic Resource Center in Mamaroneck, New York. They have altered their clients to your generosity and will be distributing on Wednesday. Thanks to everyone that has participated. A special thanks to our editrix at the Loop for the support that made this effort come to fruition.

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