TOM Board Curbs Commuter Parking

Town of Mamaroneck residents living near the Larchmont train station will soon get a break 


from commuters parking all day, often every day, on their streets, under a law approved Wednesday by the Town Board.

Still, some locals said the law – which prohibits parking on Rochelle Road and France Place for one hour each weekday – doesn’t go far enough in keeping cars from being parked in the Larchmont Woods neighborhood while their drivers go off to work, because they can simply park up the block, instead.

France Place will be off limits to parkers from 10 a.m. to11 a.m. weekdays under the law. Parking will be banned on Rochelle Road from 11 a.m. to noon.

 “Lafayette (Road) and Normandy (Drive) will be calling me on the phone,”said Town Supervisor Valerie O’Keeffe, who OK’d the law with the understanding that additional neighborhood restrictions would be forthcoming.

 Heather Conner, a Rochelle Road resident, urged Board Members to approve the proposal, saying that the process of reducing commuter parking must start – even if it’s little by little.

 “At some point, even just by peacemealing it,” people will stop,” she said.




  1. The village of Larchmont needs to do some too. Commuters park on Concord Ave and other streets in the village all day long. The police need to step up the enforcement of the current laws.

  2. I believe that Larch is very differnent in that they limit parking to a max of 4 hours on any public street (unless noted of course) So this is enforcement and not the laws. Call the PD Concocrd Ave

  3. I am also fighting this problem, today there were 3 commuters parked in front of my house all day!!

  4. How about no parking of Mamk Highway trunks in front of the 95 RR bridge which clearly state “No stoping” (I know this is Larchmont Vill) while they are on lunch break (11:30AM on) at the new Deli next to the Catery. (I guess Town vehicles on unofficial business dont need to pay attn to “No stoping” signs?) There must be a reason for the signs right? How about a brave VOL Officer ticket the town of Mamk trucks. Who else is waiting for this or should they get special treatment for buying lunch in Larchmont?

  5. I live on Concord, and it’s a never ending battle. I will call the police when I see the same cars three days in a row. Sometimes the police ticket – more often they don’t. If more people would call the police, perhaps we’d get better response.

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